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These are some of the most common questions that we receive about working for BC schools.

Do I have to create a separate login account and username for each district?

Yes.  Each school district is its own employer and therefore each has its own requirements for applications.  If you have to create accounts with several districts, it is recommended that you use a common username/login

Do all BC school districts use Make a Future?

School districts fund the Makeafuture.ca site.  All districts have access to the site to post jobs and receive applications online.  However, it’s not every district’s preference to accept online applications.  When viewing a job posting, if the “Apply Now” button does not appear at the bottom of the posting, that’s an indication that the district prefers to receive employment applications by other methods.  In these cases, the job posting should explain the application process.

When I apply for a job, do I apply to the district or Make a Future?

Career opportunities and job postings found on Make a Future are published by individuals at the school district office.  When you apply, you are submitting the application to the district.  Make a Future is not a staffing agency.

Can teachers transfer/port seniority from one district to another?

Yes and no; it depends. According to Article C.2.2.a in the provincial collective agreement, “A continuing employee may port a maximum of twenty (20) years of seniority from school districts in BC in which s/he was previously employed in a position covered by the Provincial Collective Agreement between the BCTF and BCPSEA.” What’s key is that the teacher must be a continuing employee – that is he/she is employed in a continuing teaching assignment.

I’m not a teacher, what other opportunities are available in schools?

There are a variety of non-teaching job opportunities in schools and district offices.  Schools typically employ business professionals in human resources, finance, accounting; technical staff in IT, trades, health professionals and more.  Under the Management and Professionals and Support Staff sections, you may find more information about the various opportunities in BC education.

Is there a cost for using the website and online application system?

No, there is no cost to use the site.  It’s completely free!

What is applytoeducation?

Applytoeducation is the software supplier for the online application system found on Makeafuture.ca.  Applytoeducation is a division of Passion Inc., a Canadian company with offices in Toronto, Ontario.

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