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Overview of Teaching Overseas

BC certified offshore schools are privately operated schools that offer the BC curriculum to students outside British Columbia, Canada. There are locations in six countries, including China, Thailand, Japan, Egypt, Qatar, and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In addition to experiencing a new culture and the opportunity to travel, BC teachers enjoy a variety of advantages and benefits while teaching abroad:

  • Gain relevant experience teaching the BC curriculum
  • Develop and sharpen your professional teaching skills
  • Make lifelong connections with educators from around the world
  • Become a global citizen and experience different worldviews
  • Become an informal ambassador to share Canadian culture
  • Save money and pay off your student loans
  • Make lifelong connections with educators, administrators, students, and families from around the world

The BC government annually inspects offshore schools to ensure compliance with the requirements of the BC Global Education program. As an operating requirement, BC-certified offshore schools must employ BC-certified teachers.

Teaching in China

Teaching in China offers a myriad of opportunities for employment and professional development as well as travel and adventure.

Six BC-certified offshore operators have schools in various regions of China. As such, there are a variety of destinations and work sites for BC educators to explore in China.

Learn more about teaching overseas in China.

Teaching in Japan

The culture in Japan is homogenous and steeped in tradition. At the same time, it also borrows and assimilates many influences from other North American, Asian and European countries.

Learn more about teaching at Bunka Suginami Canadian International School (BSCIS) in Tokyo, Japan.

Teaching in Egypt

If you have a sense of adventure and you’re looking to travel around North Africa and the Middle East, teach in Egpyt!

Learn more about teaching at British Columbia Canadian International School (BCCIS) in Cairo, Egypt.

Teaching in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Teaching in Bahrain offers a myriad of employment and professional benefits, social and cultural experiences as well as travel and adventure.

Learn more about teaching careers at Canadian School Bahrain in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Teaching in Qatar

Located on the shoreline of the Abrabian Gulf, Qatar is an ultra-modern country with a rich history. If you like to travel and seek unique life experiences, there is an opportunity for you!

Learn more about teaching careers at Hayat Universal School (HUBS) in Doha, Qatar.

Flag of Thailand

Teaching in Thailand

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country with a thousand beaches. If you’re adventurous and looking for new life experiences, consider teaching in Bangkok.

Learn more about teaching careers at British Columbia International School of Bangkok (BCISB) in Thailand.


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