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Regional Overview

12 public school districts and two independent school employers operate in Northern BC. This region is vast geographically, extending 1,000 kilometres from east to west, and follows the legendary Yellowhead Highway. With a landmass that measures twice the size of the United Kingdom, this is a remote area and the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The region is fueled by a strong economy that draws from the oil and gas industry, and the dramatic landscape of jagged mountain peaks and ice age-era glaciers create a spectacular backdrop for outdoor activities.

The largest school district operating in the region is Peace River North School District 60, which enrolls over 6,200 students and employs 388 teachers and administrators.


This part of the province is particularly rich in Indigenous history. Not surprisingly, this vast area is the traditional territory of the First Nations people, and a profound connection to the land prevails in all forms of art, culture and lifestyle.


Though the region may be remote, housing prices in the North are the most affordable in the province, which means plenty of extra income to enjoy fun activities. Looking for the perfect day trip? Why not drive north to the top of the world via the Alaska Highway or stay home and explore all this region has to offer. In the summertime, the sun doesn’t go down until an astounding 11 p.m., so you can fish, trek, golf, or hike well into the evening. In the wintertime, this is the perfect place to cross-country ski, explore by snowmobile, or enjoy the most Canadian of pastimes: curling!

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