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Last Updated: 5/22/2024 6:02:42 AM EST

School Overview

Christian Life School is a Class 1 Independent School that welcomes students from Kindergarten through Grade 9 from a wide variety of churches in the area. As the only faith-based school in Fort St. John, we provide a quality Christ-centred education that promotes the growth of the whole individual. Our small size also allows more meaningful engagement with parents and students on their educational journey.


Christian Life School is a fantastic place for both new and experienced teachers. We love working with creative teaching ideas, value constant feedback and provide a tight-knit educational family. Class sizes are small – generally between 12 and 18 students – which means less marking and more opportunities to work directly with students. Teachers are also supported by EAs in various settings.

Our teachers have constant opportunities for professional growth, ranging from development days to leading and running school projects that interest the individual gifts and background of the teacher.

One of the great blessings of working at Christian Life School is the opportunity to live out your faith and to allow your faith to be part of your daily teaching.



Christian Life School is a caring and safe haven that strives to disciple and educate students in a Christian worldview.


Centered on Christ, we see Christian Life School as a lighthouse in the community, which attracts students and teaches them to be salt in the world.

Community & School Culture


School community

As a Christian school, concepts are presented from a Biblical point-of-view when appropriate. Morning devotions, Bible classes and chapel are classified as locally developed courses. We attempt to include local pastors as well as ministries that come to our community and Christians willing to share with our students and staff during these times. French is taught in grades five through eight.

Christian Life School is a caring and safe haven that strives to disciple and educate students in a Christian worldview. Our small class sizes offer more opportunities for teacher involvement and strong student engagement. Teachers provide opportunities for both student-centred learning and teacher-directed learning. At Christian Life School we recognize that balance and flexibility in instruction are necessary for helping students across the learning spectrum.

fort st. john community

Fort St. John is one of the largest cities along the Alaska Highway. Initially established in 1794 as a trading post, Fort St. John is the oldest European-established settlement in present-day British Columbia.

Fort St. John is called the energetic city for good reason. We are an active, vibrant family-centred city, and our citizens have a go-getter attitude. This city has a large population of young families and provides many activities and facilities for children and youth.

If you like the outdoors, this is the place to be. In the winter, there are opportunities for hockey, curling, skating, cross-country skiing and winter walks, and in the summer, hiking trails and beautiful summer evenings provide rest and relaxation. The city has a new hospital, sports complex and all the services one needs.

How to Apply


If you are interested in serving at Christian Life School, your application should include a letter sharing your journey of faith and your reason for wanting to serve in a Christian school. If we are to form a great team, it is important that everyone enjoys a relationship with God in a practical way.


Our salary grid takes into consideration experience and education and includes a yearly increment. Salaries range from the mid-$40,000 to $70,000. We offer several incentives to new teachers, including a moving incentive, a signing bonus, a bonus for teachers with student debt and a bonus for years of service. We also offer an excellent health and dental benefits package.