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Careers in BC’s Public School Districts

In BC, there are 60 public school districts that operate approximately 1,600 public schools. Each region and school district offers its own unique set of professional, recreational, and lifestyle advantages. Within the public K-12 system, there are also opportunities at BC’s Francophone School Board, le Conseil Scolaire Francophone de la C-B (CSF).


BC’s francophone school board operates schools within each region, which provides educational services exclusively in French.  Since 1995, School District 93, le Conseil Scolaire Francophone de la C-B (CSF), has provided education services to the rapidly growing Francophone community.

Nous sommes un conseil jeune et dynamique qui oeuvre entièrement en français, dans plusieurs écoles reparties autour de la Colombie-Britannique au cœur d’un environnement à croissance rapide. Depuis 1995, nous offrons des programmes et des services éducatifs pour la communauté francophone.

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BC Curriculum

BC’s newly redesigned curriculum incorporates the latest approaches and models to education in the context of the 21st century and our ever-changing world. Within this framework, educators are given the flexibility to develop knowledge and core competencies in ways that are relevant to students’ lives.

Greater flexibility for personalized learning creates more opportunities for meaningful connections and transferrable skills. In this learner-centred approach, students develop the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy, Aboriginal perspectives at all levels of learning, and core competencies: communication, thinking, and personal/social.

See why BC’s curriculum has been lauded by educators in British Columbia and around the world.

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