French Teaching Careers in BC

Teaching positions are available in school districts throughout British Columbia. There are full-time and on-call teaching opportunities in various settings, from larger cities like Vancouver, Victoria, and Kelowna to smaller communities like Qualicum Beach, Nelson and Prince Rupert.

Along with a gorgeous natural setting of mountains and sea, British Columbia boasts a world-class education system recognized internationally for its progressive curriculum.

At the heart of the BC Curriculum are strong foundations in Literacy and Numeracy, essential learning that is concept-based and competency-driven, allowing for deeper understanding.  Embedded in all areas of learning is an emphasis on indigenous ways of knowing, which is reflected in the First Peoples Principles of Learning.

The province’s system is committed to inclusive education and equity for all learners. Connect with us today to learn about BC’s education system and the career opportunities available to you.

Find A Job

Teaching Jobs in Canada

If you are a French-speaking teacher in another country, you could be allowed to live and work in Canada. 

Canada has two official languages – French and English and places a high value on French teachers and continuously seeks qualified and dedicated teachers who can help guide students to success.

As well, parents and students highly regard and seek French education programs.

Ready to Teach French in BC?

Interested candidates who are fluently bilingual in French and English with a bachelor of Education Degree or equivalent at the elementary or secondary level may be eligible for a BC teaching certificate.

Additionally, those who speak French as a first language can apply for opportunities in BC’s Francophone school board, which operates 47 schools across BC, 1200 employees and 6000 students.

Specific requirements are unique to each role and school district, so please connect with our advisor to learn more.

Types of French Teaching Roles

Core French 

This is a mandatory second language subject for students in grades 5 to 8. Its teachers help develop fundamental communication abilities in French and cultivate an appreciation for Francophone culture.

Core French teachers may work with multiple classes or grade levels depending on the school district’s policies.

French Immersion 

French Immersion offers a comprehensive bilingual education focusing on understanding and appreciating Francophone cultures and is open to all students. The program begins in Kindergarten/Grade 1 with Early French Immersion or Grade 6 as Late French Immersion and continues until Grade 12.

French Immersion Teachers deliver instruction in French in all subjects, gradually introducing English-language instruction as students progress through the program.

The Francophone Program 

Designed for students whose parents speak French as a first language, the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique provides the program in 47 schools across the province.

The program covers Kindergarten to Grade 12, with education provided almost exclusively in French across all subjects, emphasizing developing a Francophone identity.

Ready to Take the Next Step

Check out the job board to apply for the right role for your skills and interests and help make a difference in the lives of British Columbia’s most valuable asset – our young learners.  Or feel free to connect with one of our advisors to learn more about your options for teaching French in BC at

Certification & Qualification

  • Bilingual fluency in French and English
  • Native like French fluency (for opportunities in BC’s Francophone school board)
  • A Bachelor of Education Degree or equivalent at the elementary or secondary level
  • Eligibility for a BC teaching certificate

Please note that specific requirements are unique to each role and school district.