British Columbia’s French community is growing…

BC’s Francophone schools and 50 school districts operating K-12 early and late French immersion programs are hiring now. Teaching positions are available in school districts throughout British Columbia. There are full-time and on-call teaching opportunities in various settings, from larger cities like Vancouver, Victoria, and Kelowna to smaller communities like Qualicum Beach, Nelson and Prince Rupert.

British Columbia boasts a world-class education system recognized internationally for its progressive curriculum. Embedded in our curriculum are Indigenous perspectives, strong literacy and numeracy foundations and core competencies for deeper learning. Our education system is committed to inclusive education and equity for all learners.

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Certification & Qualification

  • Bilingual fluency in French and English
  • Native like French fluency (for opportunities in BC’s Francophone school board)
  • A Bachelor of Education Degree or equivalent at the elementary or secondary level
  • Eligibility for a BC teaching certificate

Please note that specific requirements are unique to each role and school district.

Types of French teaching roles

Core French is a mandatory second language program for students in grades 5 to 8. It aims to develop effective communication skills in French and foster an appreciation of Francophone cultures. The amount of weekly instruction varies depending on the school district’s policies, typically ranging from one to three hours per week.
Core French teachers dedicate their efforts to nurturing students’ fundamental communication abilities in French and cultivating an appreciation for Francophone cultures. Core French teachers may work with multiple classes or grade levels, depending on the school district’s policies.

French Immersion offers a comprehensive bilingual education with a focus on understanding and appreciating Francophone cultures and is open to all students, irrespective of their native language. The program begins either in Kindergarten/Grade 1 (Early French Immersion) or Grade 6 (Late French Immersion) and continues until Grade 12. French Immersion Teachers deliver instruction in French in all subjects, gradually introducing English-language instruction as students progress through the program.

Francophone Program is designed for students whose parents’ first language is French, the Francophone program gives the Francophone parents the right to have their children educated in French. The Francophone Program is provided by the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (School District 93), in 47 schools across the province. The program covers Kindergarten to Grade 12, with some schools even offering Pre-Kindergarten programs.
Francophone program teachers provide education exclusively in French across all subject areas, except for English Language Arts. The emphasis is on developing students’ French language skills, fostering Francophone cultures, and cultivating a Francophone identity.