School Psychologist

Educational Psychology Careers

Psychologists provide Level psycho-educational and behavioral assessments as well as program recommendations to families and teachers working with students. They consult and collaborate on student strengths and needs and their educational implications.

Psychologists collaborate with school-based teams, parents, district program and community agencies to develop education support plans for students. In some districts, travel between schools may be required.

Qualifications and Certification Requirements

Minimum qualifications include a master’s degree or training in a related field with a focus on school/educational psychology. As of May 1, 2024, school psychologists are required to be registrants of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (CPBC). Some positions call for eligibility for membership in the British Columbia Association of School Psychologists (BCASP).

Psychologist’s Salary

A psychologist’s salary varies depending on their length of work experience, level of education, and district of employment.  This table shows the average minimum and maximum salaries for psychologists working in BC school districts.

School Psychologist$44,204$85,677$76,827

The following salary ranges are based on data from October 2015. Because salaries vary from district to district, use our Salary Finder to find the latest salary grid.

Training and Educational Programs

The following is a list of accredited Canadian Psychology Association (CPA) post-graduate programs in clinical psychology, school psychology, and counselling psychology by BC region. Start your career as a School Psychologist in BC school districts by enrolling in one of these accredited programs.


No programs in this region.


No programs in this region.


No programs in this region.


No programs in this region.


Employment Opportunities

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