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Last Updated: 5/28/2024 2:02:57 PM EST

District Overview

Coast Mountains school district supports all learners in a variety of communities and from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Through teamwork and the building of positive relationships, we create a fair, respectful and nurturing environment. We enable students to experience success, to maximize their potential as educated citizens and to contribute to a changing society.

Regional Diversity

BC’s best-kept secret, the Northwest is a stunning area of natural beauty, an awakening economy and spirited people, and home to the Kermode bear. Housing is affordable and recreational activities are diverse and limitless. Mountains, glaciers, oceans, lakes, a fruit-growing climate, no crowds or pollution, cultural events, and friendly people…what more could you want?

Specialty Programs

Our diverse programs include First Nations language and culture, elementary band, French immersion, career education (ACE-IT and secondary school apprenticeship), hot meal programs, community school partnerships, parents as literacy supporters, PACES (young parent program), summer camps and Friday camp. Our employee wellness committee offers a variety of opportunities to try something different.

Community Culture

Our district is open and welcoming. We value the diversity of cultures in our communities, particularly our First Nations (Tsimshian, Haisla, Gitksan and Nisga’a), and we adapt quickly to ensure our students are prepared for change, whether local or global.

Draw for Employees

Northwest British Columbia offers outstanding opportunities for recreation and culture combined with excellent medical and community services (including seven flights daily to Vancouver) in a beautiful, safe and affordable environment. This is a great place to bring up a family: people come for a year and stay for a lifetime.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers typically receive a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • medical, dental, and extended health plans;
  • group life insurance benefits;
  • teachers’ pension;
  • extended health benefits for dependents of deceased employees;
  • accidental disability insurance;
  • salary indemnity plan benefit;
  • supplemental employment benefits on maternity leave;
  • employee and family assistance programs.


Teachers in positions with special responsibilities, e.g. department heads, teacher consultants, teacher coordinators, counsellors, psychologists, alternate school teachers, speech pathologists, may receive a financial allowance of $2,000-$4,000 annually.

Teachers working in remote and rural schools may also receive a recruitment allowance and an annual retention allowance. Learn more about teacher salaries with the Salary Finder tool.

For specific details about Coast Mountains’ compensation, salary, and benefits, please refer to their collective agreement on the BCPSEA website.