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Last Updated: 5/28/2024 10:13:47 PM EST

Overview: Teaching Abroad at BCCIS

Teach, travel and explore Cairo, Egypt at British Columbia International School (BCCIS). BCCIS opened over a decade ago by a family with a vision to develop a quality school so that Egyptian students could have the education that would create global citizens. The school started with 27 students in 2005 and has grown each year to the current enrolment of approximately 800 students.

A strong admin team has been developed so that the outcomes of the British Columbia, Canada curriculum are met. Strong family values continue to be at the core of the BCCIS team.

School Community

BCCIS is a fully accredited British Columbia, Canada Offshore School that is located in El Sherouk City which is a suburb of Cairo. BCCIS is housed in modern facilities, uses the B.C. curriculum which is taught by B.C. certified teachers and ‘feels’ like a Canadian school.

To ensure that we follow the B.C. curriculum, policies and processes to the highest level, BCCIS is inspected and accredited on an annual basis by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Our students typically attain Provincial Exam scores that fall into the ‘average’ and ‘above average’ range when compared to all B.C. schools.

Our Students

BCCIS’ students are primarily Egyptian, and they are energetic and enthusiastic learners. Their ages range from Early Childhood Education to Grade 12. Egyptian students are motivated to succeed and aspire to pursue post-secondary studies abroad. Our students are taught predominantly in English (with some French and Arabic) and, at the completion of their studies, attain the B.C. ‘Dogwood’ Graduation Certificate.

Our students are high achievers and typically attain Provincial Exam scores that fall into the ‘average’ and ‘above average’ range when compared to all BC schools.

Draw for Employees

Teachers are attracted to teach at BCCIS because of our excellent professional and personal growth opportunities.

Living in Cairo

Compared to Canada, Cairo is a very inexpensive place to live. You can lead an adventurous and interesting life without having to spend a lot of money. The greatest benefit for BC teachers in Egypt is the opportunity to learn about the language, cultural, political, historical and geographical aspects of the country and region.

Whether it is food, clothes, or shopping; recreational opportunities are extensive. You can get in a workout at the gym, take in a movie, or go shopping. One can shop at the local and exotic markets, or in a mega mall that include most western stores and brands.

Dining in Cairo’s restaurants is a fraction of the price of those in Canada, and menus represent countries from all over the world. Almost any type of meal can be ordered in!

For the more adventurous, there are all forms of travel throughout the country and region. You can experience adventure and excitement travelling throughout Egypt, Africa, Mediterranean, and Europe.

Great friendships are developed among our young staff members as they explore life together.

Making the decision to move to another country can be difficult but rewarding. There are many reasons why a person would choose to teach at BCCIS.

  • experiencing the adventure and excitement of accessible travel throughout Egypt, Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe from a home base in Cairo.
  • living in a culturally different country but still being to purchase most North American food items and other goods
  • being part of a school that has a history of excellence in achievement on B.C. Provincial Exams and excellent inspection reports from the B.C. Ministry of Education.
  • teaching enthusiastic and motivated English speaking students using the B.C. curriculum from Early Childhood Education to Graduation.
  • being supported through professional development and mentoring by B.C. trained and certified administration and staff
  • meeting vibrant new people as a part of the BCCIS staff and learning about the ‘way of life’ in the community in which you live, whether Maadi or El Rehab.
  • participating in ‘authentic’ language and cultural experiences in a foreign country that will last a lifetime.
  • being a member of a professional learning community that emphasizes team and cooperative planning.
  • gaining valuable teaching skills and experience in an innovative education setting with excellent resources and facilities.
  • acquiring recognition of B.C. teaching experience
  • being renumerated with a competitive salary (USD) and benefits package
  • experiencing an economy where the cost of living is generally less expensive than in North America
  • working with a family of BCCIS Board members who genuinely care about the quality of the school and happiness of their employees

Job Application & Salary Details

The BCCIS team is made up of young and enthusiastic teachers who develop close and lifelong friendships as they work and play together. Be a part of a school that has a history of excellence in academic achievement, and join a team of supportive and motivated educators.

How to Apply

Apply to teach at BCCIS by emailing Mr. Robert Long, Superintendent, at with these documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Complete transcripts
  • Copy of B. Ed degree (Masters if applicable)
  • Names of two referees who have supervised your teaching
  • Copy of your latest teaching/practicum report
  • Evidence of a BC teaching certificate

Refer to the ‘Employment’ section on the BCCIS website for more information.

Salary and benefits

BC-certified teachers earn a respectable salary ranging from $40,000 USD to $54,000 USD annually. Teachers also receive professional development opportunities addressing contemporary and relevant topics in education. Professional development is facilitated by experienced staff members and education leaders from Canada.

Other benefits include:

  • An apartment in Maadi or El Rehab
  • Medical Insurance while in Egypt
  • Annual return airfare between Canada and Egypt
  • Daily transportation to and from the school
  • School tuition waived for the first two teacher’s children
  • 1 paid personal day/year
  • 5 paid sick days/year
  • Discretionary leave if required