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Application Checklist

The application process for BC public schools is determined at the individual school district level.  Though there may be similarities among districts, each has its own unique set of guidelines for applicants to follow when applying for a job.

To ensure that your application has been submitted in the appropriate manner, please read each job posting carefully, and follow the instructions.  Even more important is that your application includes all the required documents.

Document Checklist

When applying for a teaching opportunity, please remember to include the following documents in your application package:

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter
  3. List of references/reference letters
  4. Teacher Certification Branch Teachers Certificate
  5. TQS (Teacher Qualification Service) Category Card
  6. Practicum reports and evaluations
  7. Official academic transcripts (photocopies are not acceptable; however, scanned electronic copies are permissible)
  8. Post-secondary diplomas / certificates
  9. Work permit (required only for non-Canadian residents)
  10. Pastoral References/Statement of Faith (for faith-based school employers)

If the application process is unclear, feel free to contact us or post a question on Facebook.

Checklist Questions

Before you create your application and submit your online application, consider the following:

Is the school district hiring?

Most often, districts do not accept unsolicited applications. If the school district isn’t hiring, make your application visible to school districts so that they can search for your resume.

Are your application documents current?

Generally, districts require a specific set of documents. In some cases, districts require an application form to be submitted alongside your application documents.

Do you have good standing with the Teacher Regulation Branch?

If you’re an applicant from outside of the province of British Columbia, or you’ve been out of the workforce for a few years, check with the Teacher Regulation Branch of the Ministry of Education to see if your certificate is still valid (not cancelled or suspended).

Is your application portfolio visible to the school district?

Follow these easy steps to make your application visible:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Under ‘My Portfolio’, check off the box to make your portfolio visible to that district

Do I have to apply online?

Read the job posting carefully to see if the district specifies another way of applying. If it doesn’t, assume that they prefer to receive online applications.

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