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Help Wanted: 49 School Districts Are Hiring Now

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Your Career in Education Starts Today

With the start of the school year set for Monday, BC public and first nations schools are scrambling to fill nearly 300 positions.

Teachers, counsellors, librarians, principals, and vice principals are needed across the province. Surrey, Vancouver, Kootenay Lake, Gulf Islands, and 45 other BC school districts are hiring.

There are 179 positions for educators and administrators set to start immediately. For those looking for work right now, there are lots of opportunities to consider, especially in the areas of French immersion teaching and counselling.

In addition to teachers, non-teaching exempt staff are needed. This category of employees includes speech language pathologists, physiotherapists, and managers in IT, human resources, finance, facilities and maintenance.

Furthermore, there are 84 support staff opportunities available in BC school districts. Bus drivers and education assistants are in greatest need, but there many other opportunities for trades professionals, information technologists and custodial workers.

With nearly 300 job opportunities province-wide, it’s a good time to start a career in BC education, which offers competitive salaries and generous benefits.

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Your Next IT Job is in Public Education

Rewarding IT Careers in Public Education

Skilled computing and information technology professionals are highly sought-after in BC Education. Help desk technicians, computer technicians, and network support specialists are in-demand across the province.

School district employers in Metro Vancouver, Kelowna, Abbotsford, and Kootenay regions are all hiring.

They are looking for individuals with post-secondary credentials in computer information systems or an equivalent program.

Wages for IT staff in schools starts at approximately $24/hr plus benefits. Compensation varies from district to district depending on the depth of work and qualifications required to perform the role.

School Districts like Abbotsford are looking for skilled IT professionals, and they willing to offer a “competitive salary and excellent flexible benefits package” to recruit them.

The role of IT varies between school district employers. In general, they support and maintain the school district’s hardware, software, VOIP, and information systems.  Moreover, they provide technical support and training for district and teaching staff.

Full-Time Computing and Information Technology Jobs Opportunities in BC Schools

The following is a list of current employment opportunities in BC schools as of September 2014.

School District #92 (Nisga’a)

School District #45 (West Vancouver)

School District #39 (Vancouver)

School District #8 (Kootenay Lake)

School District #23 (Central Okanagan)

School District #34 (Abbotsford)

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36 French Immersion Teaching Jobs in 21 School Districts

ecole Entre-lacs | Penticton, BC | Conseil Scolaire Francophone (CSF)

Hiring French Immersion Teachers

British Columbia public school districts are in significant need of French Immersion Teachers. Districts across the province are struggling to fill full-time, part-time, and on-call roles.

Many school districts have had unfilled vacancies since early August.  Several job postings are set as on-going (without a closing date), and competition for these positions will remain open until successful candidates are found.

French Immersion teachers are highly fluent the French language, and they instruct in a variety of subjects. They are employed in public schools that offer French Immersion programs and in Francophone schools in BC.

As with other teachers in the province, they are certified by Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB).  Teachers certified in other Canadian provinces may apply for certification from the TRB to teach in BC schools.

French Immersion Teaching Jobs in BC Schools

The following is a list of French Immersion teaching opportunities in BC schools.

School District #68 (Nanaimo Ladysmith)

  • TTOC Elementary and Secondary French Immersion

School District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin)

  • T-2014-155 French/English/Social Studies

School District #34 (Abbotsford)

  • Teacher On Call – French Immersion

School District #36 (Surrey)

  • French Immersion

School District #37 (Delta)

  • 0.86 FTE French Immersion
  • School District #39 (Vancouver)
  • Teachers-on-Call – French Immersion

School District #43 (Coquitlam)

  • French Immersion – On call

School District #44 (North Vancouver)

  • Elementary French Immersion TTOC & District on Call
  • Secondary French Immersion TTOC & District on Call – Francais Langue – Seconde-Immersion and Sciences Humaines

School District #48 (Sea to Sky)

  • French Immersion – Teacher-On-Call

School District #57 (Prince George)

  • .5 Grade 2/3 French Immersion
  • .6 LD Gr 7 and Int French Prep

School District #59 (Peace River South)

  • French Immersion Teacher

School District #60 (Peace River North)

  • Temporary Full-Time (1.0) French Immersion Teacher

School District #61 (Greater Victoria)

  • French Immersion All Subjects
  • Teachers-on-Call – French Immersion (All levels)

School District #62 (Sooke)

  • French Immersion Teachers Teaching on Call

School District #63 (Saanich)

  • French Immersion Teacher-on-Call

School District #70 (Alberni)

  • French Immersion 1.0 Term

School District #72 (Campbell River)

  • Teacher Teaching on Call Opportunities: French Immersion
  • A temporary .4 FTE French Immersion Learning Assistance teaching position.

School District #08 (Kootenay Lake)

  • 0.5 FTE Term Preparation coverage teacher – including French and/or Music

School District #82 (Coast Mountains)

  • French Immersion – Kindergarten
  • French Immersion – Kindergarten

School District #83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)

  • Grade 6 Core Late French Immersion

School District #93 (Conseil Scolaire Francophone)

  • Enseignement à l’élémentaire à 0.2400 ÉTP
  • Enseignement régulier – aide aux élèves à 0.1250 ÉTP
  • Enseignement à l’élémentaire à 0.2000 ÉTP
  • Enseignement à l’élémentaire à 1.0000 ÉTP
  • Enseignement à l’élémentaire
  • Enseignement au secondaire à 1.0000 ÉTP
  • Orthopédagogie – 0.6000 ÉTP 2e année – 0.4000 ÉTP Poste temporaire
  • Enseignement spécialisé à 0.6400 ÉTP
  • Enseignement à l’élémentaire à 0.2400 ÉTP
  • Enseignement à l’élémentaire

New teaching opportunities are posted daily on Search for the latest opportunities in BC school districts and First Nations schools.

Counsellor & Psychologist Positions Starting In September

School District No. 44: Teacher Ms Johnson

12 Positions Starting in the New School Year

School psychologists and counsellors looking for a job in the fall have many opportunities to consider. Schools in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Central, Vancouver Island, and Northern regions are hiring.

There are full-time, part-time, and on-call positions currently available.

Counsellor & Psychologist Jobs in BC Schools

The following is a list of  job openings for counsellors and psychologists in BC schools.

  1. Elementary & Transition Counselling and Behaviour SpecialistSchool District #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin)
  2. School PsychologistSchool District #28 (Quesnel)
  3. Counsellor – School District #34 (Abbotsford)
  4. COUNSELLOR – School District #35 (Langley)
  5. Elementary Counsellor – School District #37 (Delta)
  6. Counsellors – School District #43 (Coquitlam)
  7. Elementary and Secondary Teacher-Counsellors – School District #44 (North Vancouver)
  8. Counsellor Teacher – School District #59 (Peace River South)
  9. District Psychologist – School District #61 (Greater Victoria)
  10. Teacher Counselors Teaching on Call – School District #62 (Sooke)
  11. School Psychologist – School District #68 (Nanaimo-Ladysmith)
  12. District Counsellor – School District #91 (Nechako Lakes/Burns Lake)

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Role of School Psychologists & Counsellors

School psychologists assess students to identify serious learning and/or behavioural difficulties, and plan interventions. They use psycho-education assessments to develop recommendations for interventions to enhance student learning.

School counsellors work with school based teams to develop IEPs (Individual Education Plans) for students with behavioural and emotional disorders. They may administer Social Emotional Assessment in Schools and Functional Assessments of Behaviour.  School counsellors also support the intellectual, human, social, and career development of students.

Psychologists employed in BC school districts have a Doctorate or Master’s degree in School Psychology.  Counsellors typically have a Master’s degree in Counselling or Counselling Psychology. School districts may require counsellors to have teaching experience.

Learn more about becoming a psychologist or counsellor in BC schools.

19 Teaching Positions in Special Education

Teaching Careers in Special Education

There 19 job opportunities for special education, hearing resource, and learning assistance teachers in BC schools.

16 school districts are hiring, and they are seeking teachers with a Masters of Education in Special Education or an equivalent diploma.  Educators with certificates in deafblind education and ABA therapy are also in demand.

Special education teachers support students with a range of disorders and impairments. This includes learning, behavioural, and developmental disorders, such as autism and Down syndrome.  Special education teachers also support students with cognitive, motor, hearing, and visual impairments.

Special education teachers are adept at using assessments, and creating Individual Education Plans (IEPs).  They collaborate with classroom teachers and school based teams to adapt educational materials and facilitate interventions.

Special Education Teaching Jobs

The following is a list of teaching opportunities in special education. There are career opportunities in every region of the province.

  1. Learning Support TeacherKootenay Lake School District No. 08
  2. District Resource Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of HearingVancouver School District No. 39
  3. Integrated Support Teacher – Priority Entry ProgramQualicum School District No. 69
  4. Integrate Support Teacher Life SkillsQualicum School District No. 69
  5. Learning Assistance Teacher  (LAT) – Peace River South School District No. 59
  6. Temporary Part-Time (0.8) Learning Assistance/ELL/Behavior Intervention/Support/Programming TeacherPeace River North School District No. 60
  7. POPARD TeacherDelta School District No. 37
  8. Learning Support Services / Aboriginal EducationAbbotsford School District No. 34
  9. Special Education CoachFirst Nations Education Steering Committee 
  10. Teacher of the Visually ImpairedNorth Vancouver School District No. 44
  11. Special Education TeachersNorth Vancouver School District No. 44
  12. OrthopédagogieConseil Scolaire Francophone School District No. 93
  13. Special Education Teachers on CallSooke School District No. 62
  14. Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of HearingNew Westminster School District No. 40
  15. Special Services Resource TeacherFort Nelson School District #81
  16. Teacher of Deaf and Hard of HearingSurrey School District #36
  17. Learning Assistance teaching positionCampbell River School District #72
  18. Hearing Resource teaching position – Campbell River School District #72
  19. Hearing Resource Teacher – Deaf and Hard of HearingBurnaby School District No. 41

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