Destination Canada 2023: A Look at Canada's Education Opportunities – Join Make A Future in Recruiting French Teachers


Make a Future, British Columbia's Ministry of Education, and several school districts will be showcasing at Destination Canada Mobility Forum 2023 in France and Morocco this month. Destination Canada is an annual event organized by the Canadian Government to attract French-speaking professionals to Canada's Francophone communities.

Make a Future's purpose at Destination Canada is to represent British Columbia's K-12 education system. Our goal is to meet with internationally-trained teachers and introduce them to the hundreds of teaching opportunities available across the province while highlighting the beautiful and diverse communities that make BC attractive to millions of international visitors every year.

British Columbia's Education Sector: A Thriving Hub

Thousands of teachers relocate to BC every year, contributing to its vibrant and diverse community. Nicolas Baudouin, the French Consul General in Vancouver, praises British Columbia's quality of life and economic vitality, as noted by Le Figaro France. Francophone Newspaper Courier International describes British Columbia as a diverse province with an abundance of opportunities not just in Vancouver but also in Vancouver Island, the Okanagan Valley and the North.


Diverse Career Opportunities

The Canadian education system provides a wide range of career opportunities. As Make a Future is actively seeking French teachers who can contribute to the flourishing French education programs in British Columbia, making a meaningful impact in this dynamic environment.

A Welcoming Environment

Canada's education system is renowned for its inclusive and diverse atmosphere. Teaching in such a welcoming environment provides an enriching experience, as educators can learn from students and colleagues with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Destination Canada Mobility Forum: A Gateway to Educational Opportunities

Make a Future is proud to represent BC's education sector at Destination Canada Mobility Forum 2023, forging connections between prospective francophone teachers and school districts across BC. We are here to guide talented francophone educators and help them navigate the path to rewarding teaching careers.

With career opportunities in every corner of the province, an excellent life-work balance, and an inclusive environment, British Columbia offers a unique platform for educators to grow and thrive.