Teaching Jobs in Rural British Columbia

Do you enjoy winter camping, alpine skiing, kayaking, fly fishing, or hiking in BC's provincial parks? Do you crave a more laid-back lifestyle in a quieter community? Do you want to live in a place where you know your neighbours and settle into a home that's larger than the 500 sq ft condo you're currently renting? Maybe you're looking for an opportunity to teach full-time and have your own classroom?

If so, maybe it's time to consider a move. School districts located in communities outside of the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions are hiring, and they need full-time teachers to start in immediately. There are over 100 teaching opportunities currently available in BC's rural and remote communities and smaller cities located outside of the province's major urban areas. Some of these opportunities are full-time continuing and permanent positions in communities as remote and rural as Fraser Lake and as large as Prince George.

In addition to having the opportunity to teach full-time, teachers employed in rural and remote schools are eligible for an annual recruitment and retention allowance of approximately $2,947. Moreover, some school districts are also offering additional financial incentives such as moving and travel allowances and subsidized housing to attract new teachers.

If you're ready for a change and to take on a full-time teaching role in a school district that will value your skills, consider these opportunities.

Teaching Opportunities in Rural BC Schools

The following is a list of teaching opportunities in school districts located outside of the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions as of February 9, 2024.

Northern BC School Districts

Bulkley Valley
.80 FTE Social Emotional Helping Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Socials 8-9, English 9, Electives 8-9 Teacher

Central Coast
.3 FTE Temporary Nuxalk Language & Cultural Instructor

Nechako Lakes
1.0 FTE Secondary Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary English/Social Studies Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Intermediate Teacher (Grade 4/5/6)

0.5 FTE Inclusive Education Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary K-12 Physical Education/Math 9 Teacher

Peace River North
1.0 FTE Temporary Middle School Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Math/Science/Physical Education Middle School Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Intermediate Teacher

Peace River South
1.0 FTE Temporary Prep Teacher
1.0 FTE Secondary Teacher
1.0 FTE Elementary Teacher

Prince Rupert

Central BC School Districts

1.0 FTE Grade 4/5 Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Math 10-11/Foods 10 Teacher
0.2 FTE Temporary Home Economics Teacher

Gold Trail
1.0 FTE Temporary Elementary Prep Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Elementary Teacher

Prince George
1.0 FTE Temporary Math 8-10/CLE 10 Teacher

0.2 FTE Temporary Elementary Teacher
1.0 FTE French Immersion Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Elementary Teacher

Vancouver Island/Sunshine Coast School Districts

Vancouver Island North
1.0 FTE Learning Assistance Resource Teacher

Fraser Valley School Districts

1.0 FTE Temporary Learning Support Teacher
1.0 FTE Temporary Grade 7-9/Math/Science Teacher