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Our recruitment services promote the wide range of careers available in BC education to teachers, trades people, support staff, educational leaders and other professionals. We use an integrated approach for this broad service area, and focus on difficult-to-fill positions to help reduce districts’ search time so they can invest more resources on assessing the applicants. The following is a summary of the levels of service we provide districts.

Tools & Services

  • recruitment portal
  • Online applicant tracking systems
  • Career fair representation and campus recruitment
  • Toolkits for difficult-to-fill positions
  • Customized labour market research
  • Sectoral branding and employer marketing
  • Sourcing domestic and international markets for specialized positions
  • Recruitment campaign analysis and evaluation reports
  • Sample job descriptions

Professional Development Workshops

  • Targeted search for difficult-to-fill / high-demand positions
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Social media strategies and outreach
  • Online Recruitment Strategies


  • Social media marketing and recruitment
  • Branding and marketing your district
  • Creating effective advertising campaigns