Why Teach at NCCS?

Nelson Christian Community School (NCCS) is a vibrant Junior Kindergarten (ages three and four) to Grade 8 school sitting atop the hill in the Fairview area of Nelson, BC.  NCSS is a traditional brick and mortar school that follows the BC Ministry of Education curriculum, with an added faith component. We use the Bible as our lens as we integrate our Christian faith in an authentic way. We value educating the whole child within this authentic faith-based learning environment.  We also offer blended options so that local Distance Learning students can participate in traditional schooling part-time.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We believe that education is about equipping students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, active citizens in the community, and passionate in their faith. We help our students grow in Christ-centred character, service and academics.

Draw for Employees

We are nestled on the mountainside of Nelson, BC. We have small class sizes, supportive families and an environment that empowers staff with the freedom to be innovative in their classrooms. We strive for a collaborative and supportive environment. Because we are a small school, our staff relationships feel like family.

Why you’ll love it here

As an independent school, we offer excellent professional development opportunities (approximately seven days each year) both in-house as well as with other local professionals. We offer our staff job flexibility and the ability to create a classroom environment based on personal strengths and interests.

Our physical location is not only beautiful, but conducive to outdoor learning opportunities as well as the arts. Classes are capped at 20 students, giving teachers better opportunity to connect with individual learners.

Community & School Culture

School Community

While we are a small school, we are able to offer a rich program for each of our students. Some of our advantages over other schools include small class sizes, the ability for our staff to get to know the students and families in our community, and the integration of tablets and laptops into most of our programs.

Our Unique Programs

We offer unique blended learning options for families who want to homeschool part-time and participate in a brick and mortar school part-time.

The Community

Nelson is a vibrant mountain town with a strong passion for both the arts and outdoor adventure. For such a small town, there is a diverse offering of great restaurants, recreational and cultural events. Baker Street boasts fabulous food and drink, sports and clothing stores, as well as many options for physical fitness. There are several art galleries and museums, a sports complex, and a hospital right in town. Our local library is wonderful and has many programs for different age groups.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

People are drawn to Nelson in the winter for the skiing (both cross-country and downhill). In the summer, lake and water activities are in the spotlight, with offerings such as kayaking, rowing, waterskiing, and swimming. Nelson is also known for both its great arts community and mountain biking community. If you are drawn to nature and/or a bohemian lifestyle, Nelson will be a great fit.

Combining adventure and the arts

Nelson boasts a lifestyle of adventure and arts. It really cannot be said enough that this community holds those two things in tandem. Kootenay culture offers a slower pace of life and is a beautiful place to live.

Salary and Benefits

Our school determines salary based on a grid system. A beginning teacher with a four-year degree starts at the bottom of the grid, $34,031, and the most advanced teacher with at least five years of experience and six years of education currently receives $52,702. Each year, we add a level of experience (with the goal being 10 years) and raise the salaries by either one or two percent. We also offer medical and dental benefits.

Other Perks

Our school year ends the third week of June (rather than the last week), allowing teachers one additional week of summer vacation. We also have early dismissal each Friday, ending our work day at 1:30. One final perk is our winter ski program, giving teachers and students three days of downhill skiing and two days of cross-country skiing as a part of our PHE programming.

School Location