Your Next Marketing Job Is In Education


Public Education is Not Just an Employer of Teachers

A common misconception of many job seekers is that if you want a career in public education you have to be a teacher.  As in all public and private institutions, there is a business side to these organizations, and that is no different in BC school districts.

To maintain a school district's facilities, school districts employ maintenance workers and building service workers.  To ensure that a district's IT network is running reliably and securely, information technologists and network administrators are employed.  To recruit key staff to administer payroll or drive buses, schools have human resources professionals employed to recruit staff.

Knowing this, it shouldn't surprise you that school districts also employ marketing, communications, and community relations professionals.

What is a Marketer's Role in a School District?

In public school districts, marketers are hired to coordinate and plan marketing activities to promote the school district's business company, e.g. an international education program.  In this particular role, a marketer's job would be to promote and recruit international students, and enroll them into the school district's programs.  In addition to a strong sales background and excellent interpersonal skills, marketers interested in a role like this should have a passion for and commitment to public education.

As it happens, Coquitlam School District No. 43 is recruiting for Marketing Manager, International Education.

What is the Role of a Community Relations Professional?

A community relations professional is the liaison between school district administrators, media, and public stakeholders.  They work with the Superintendent and other members of senior management providing direction and support in crafting messaging.  In some cases, a community relations person acts as the spokesperson and public face of the organization.  This type of role requires a polished presenter and a skillful communicator as they will routinely have to provide statements to media, and conduct presentations.

If you're a savvy community relations professional with a background in communications or journalism, consider Coquitlam School District's Community Relations Manager career opportunity.

If you're interested in finding more marketing, communications, and community relations opportunities in school districts, search under the "management/professional" position category on the job board for the latest opportunities.  Positions are added daily, so set-up a job alert!