Teaching in BC: Fall Brings Big Crop of New Education Jobs in BC

Back to school students mother group going school together. Mom sends little boy and girl for first class semester term with schoolbag or satchel together.

Apply today! Teachers, support staff and senior managers – and more are being sought after for the coming year.

As summer winds down, you can feel back-to-school energy in the air – and with it comes some prime opportunities for those seeking careers in BC schools.

There's plenty of good news for job seekers as this fall offers new and dynamic positions throughout the province. Schools are actively hiring teachers, principals, business professionals, tradespeople, maintenance staff and education assistants.

Teaching Jobs in BC

From the rocky coastline neighbourhoods of Vancouver Island to the breathtaking ancient forests of Northern BC, the vibrant hubs of Metro Vancouver to the quiet-yet-convenient communities of the Fraser Valley, the scenic hills of the Okanagan to the raw, rugged beauty of the Kootenay region, every corner of BC needs new and experienced teachers to help develop learners.

Many schools in these same areas are seeking French Immersion teachers and other staff for the coming year to help support bilingual learners in the K-12 system.

There are more than 1,000 teaching positions on the makeafuture.ca site, and they are as varied as the locations in which they are based. As an added benefit, some communities in Northern British Columbia are offering signing and retention incentives.

Education Support Staff in High Demand

Along with teaching jobs in BC, support staff roles, such as Education Assistants (EAs), youth workers and Indigenous support workers, are in demand to assist students and provide vital support towards inclusivity in education.

Beyond teaching and administration, school districts need individuals for vital non-teaching roles, such as bus drivers, maintenance staff and custodians, all of which are essential for student learning success and safety.

Lots of Communities to Choose From

Those coming to BC to work in the education field seek various opportunities. Some opt for positions in smaller communities where they can significantly impact and plant roots, others love the convenience of life in larger cities to deliver education close to the best of art and culture. But what they all have in common is the desire for secure employment and rewarding, long-term careers.

Take advantage of this time of new beginnings and visit our job board to explore the many education jobs in BC.

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