New labour mobility agreement opens opportunities for educators nation-wide

Canada's provincial premiers signed an agreement on July 17 to make it easier for workers to move from one province or territory to another. Under the agreement, a worker's professional qualifications will be recognized as valid across the country, so he or she will not need to be re-certified or accredited to work in a new province or territory.

British Columbia and Alberta already have a similar agreement in place. The BC-Alberta Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement has harmonized the requirements for many workers, including educators, so that teachers certified in one province have their qualifications recognized in the other without having to complete additional coursework requirements.

The new agreement takes the principles of TILMA nation-wide. All provinces and territories are required to reconcile their licensing and registration practices by August 2009.

The new labour mobility agreement will make it easier for educators across Canada – as well as members of other regulated professions – to apply for jobs in BC.