Make a Future on Facebook to Answer Your Questions

Are there jobs for Elementary teachers in BC?
How do I apply for a teaching job with the Vancouver School Board?
I'm studying to become a teacher, what will my employment prospects be like when I graduate?

These are common questions asked by teachers every day. But how do you get these answers and who do you ask?

Make a Future has created a new Facebook page to answer these questions.

"Finding work can be a stressful, so we're trying to ease the application process by providing teachers with timely information about applying for jobs.  We're also helping district employers by making ourselves available to quickly respond to inquiries on Facebook" says Andrew Jang, Coordinator for Make a Future.

By simply becoming a fan of Make a Future's Facebook page, teachers can:

  • Search for answers to frequently ask questions
  • Find links to teaching resources and education news
  • See the "Featured Job" of the dayGet inside news as to which district will be hiring
  • Sign-up for the "E-news for Educators" e-newsletter
  • Connect with other teacher fans on Facebook

Become a fan of Make a Future on Facebook and get answers to your questions and insider news about jobs in public education today.