School Counsellor Job Openings in BC Schools


Originally published on August 8, 2016. Updated December 15, 2016

Counselling Careers in BC Schools

Currently, there are 13 school counsellor job openings in BC schools.  School counsellors can play a vital role in the school and home lives of students.  Their work can affect the educational, emotional, social, and personal well-being of students. The nature of a school counsellor's role is wide-ranging, so the impact they have on students is significant.

In secondary schools, counsellors may be involved in developing strategies to advance educational achievement in schools. They may also work with teachers to promote anti-bullying programs and develop strategies to improve school safety.

In elementary schools, counsellors may work with learning support and school-based teams in tandem with parents and educators to coordinate interventions for students with behavioural challenges.  In both settings, school counsellors provide advice and help students and families connect with community agencies to access support.

A school counsellor's role is especially important in critical incidents and when crises occur. In these sensitive situations, a school counsellor may liaise with external agencies to ensure that students and families get the services they need.  With such an important role in the school, it should be no surprise that counsellors are in demand in BC.  Currently, there are employment opportunities in almost every region of the province.

BC school counsellors typically have a Master's degree in educational psychology/counselling psychology and classroom teaching experience.

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Current Job Openings

The following is a list of elementary and secondary school counsellor job openings in BC schools as of December 15, 2016.


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Counsellor job openings in BC schools are typically posted under the 'teacher/administrator' job category on the job board.