I've spoken to over 1,633 Canadian teachers and these are the most common questions I get asked

Every year, BC employers recruit hundreds of out-of-province Canadian teachers to our public school districts and independent schools. BC schools continue to actively recruit, and we expect the demand for teachers will continue in the foreseeable future.

As a part of my job at Make a Future, I travel cross-country and internationally to represent BC school districts and independent schools at career fairs every year. Through my travels, I have spoken to over a thousand teachers, and these are the most frequently asked questions I get asked.

"Does BC need teachers?"

Yes! Over the next ten years, the BC's Labour Market Outlook, 2018 estimates that there will be roughly 1,600 jobs available in education annually. In that same period, the labour market report estimates that there will be 10,000 elementary teaching jobs and 6,500 secondary school teaching opportunities.

As a province, our schools are always looking for great teachers in all grade levels and subject areas to join our learning communities. If you would like more insight into the specific demands of BC regions or employers, contact us.

"Can I apply for a continuing position without being a supply or teacher-on-call first?

In BC, there is no requirement to work as a supply/substitute/on-call teacher before you can become a full-time or continuing contract teacher. You can apply for continuing contracts as soon as you become certified!

One thing to note is that some public school districts will not post continuing contract positions on Makeafuture.ca until they have considered all internal candidates. They will only post on-call teaching positions because their collective agreements requires them to make these opportunities available to existing employees first. Each district also has its own collective agreement provisions around hiring.

If you're interested in the intricacies of each public school district's hiring obligations, you can learn more by reading their collective agreements.

"Should I wait until I have all my documents before applying for a BC teaching certificate?"

There is a set of documents that you need in your BC teaching certificate application. For example, you need your teacher practicum reports, post-secondary transcripts, and character references to name a few. All documents must be received by the Teachers Regulation Branch before a complete evaluation can be completed. The long processing time can be frustrating, but if you are able to submit all your documentation promptly, it will drastically improve the length of processing your application.

"If I'm from another province, do I have to take more courses to become a BC teacher?"

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) allows "teachers certified in other provinces to be recognized as qualified for teaching by all other provinces and territories without having to complete additional studies or exams." That likely means no extra years of university or exams for Canadian-certified teachers looking to work in BC as long as they are in good standing with their own province's certifying body.

"Do BC schools interview out-of-province candidates? Do I have to travel to BC for an interview?"

BC schools aren't expecting you to hop on a TransCanada flight for an interview. Our schools are modern and innovative–many offer to interview via Skype, Zoom or phone.

"Can I port my teacher's pension to BC?"

Yes, you can apply to port your teacher's pension to BC if you have an existing pension plan from another province. You will need to submit a form online and provide government-issued identification to prove your age and identity.

Learn more at the Teachers' pension plan website.

"Does my seniority earned in my home province transfer over to British Columbia?"

Most school districts in BC will recognize your years of experience as a teacher but, will not directly transfer over your seniority to BC from another province.

Moving to another province can be overwhelming. If you're thinking about making a move but have a few questions, feel free to email us. We are always happy to help!