Introducing BC Passport: A Simplified Application System

BC Passport

Finding employment in BC education has never been so easy! With so many opportunities, we wanted to make sure you had the best applicant experience. The BC Ministry of Education, school districts, and Make a Future came together to create BC Passport, a new account linking feature that will simplify your job application experience. If you're an applicant from outside of BC who has used the's Simplication System, you can link your account to Make a Future to apply for jobs in BC. If you're a BC applicant, you can also use this feature to apply to multiple districts without having to start each application from scratch!

Let's say you're interested in applying for a job with the Surrey School District for the first time. To apply for a job with Surrey, you would have to create a new account, type in your personal information, and upload all of your supporting documents. This can be time-consuming! Suppose you have already done all of this with an account you've created with the Vancouver School District or the Winnipeg School Division. With BC Passport, you can create a new account with Surrey by linking it to your existing account with Vancouver or Winnipeg School Division. Another upside is that you can use the same username and password to login to your applications!

BC Passport saves you time by copying and linking your personal information and supporting documents from your existing account to a newly created account(s). After linking accounts, any changes or updates you make in one linked account will appear in all other accounts!

There are a couple things that are unique to each school district account that won't be copied or linked to new accounts. This includes customized employer questions as well as resumes and cover letters. You'll need to answer these questions and upload these documents each time you set up a new account.

Another important detail – you cannot link two existing accounts. This was done to preserve the integrity of previous job application data on our system. You will continue to use separate log-ins and revise your information for each account that you created prior to this feature.

BC Passport in a nutshell:

  • Use an existing account log-in to create a new account with a different school district. You cannot link two already existing accounts.
  • Any change made to one account's personal information will be reflected in all of your linked accounts.
  • Some school district-specific information will need to be completed and uploaded for each account that you have.

If you encounter issues with linking your accounts, please contact our customer service line at 1.866.806.6851.

Pack your bags for a new adventure – and don't forget your BC Passport!