Coquitlam Job Fair: Advance Your Career at School No. 43

Image of Coquitlam Career Fair Event

School District 43 (Coquitlam) is hosting a career fair, and you're invited to explore the exceptional career opportunities at one of BC's leading school districts. Attend the event, and you can talk to HR staff and mingle with the district's employees. You will get to learn more about working in BC's third-largest district and the following career opportunities:

  • Educational Assistants
  • School and district-level clerical positions
  • Teachers and TTOCs
  • Tradespeople, Caretakers, and other positions.

At the career fair, you will see presentations from teachers and other non-teaching Coquitlam staff. The school district is not be hiring at the event, but they will be following up with people who sign-up for more information about opportunities in the district

When: Thursday, November 29, 2018, from 6–8 pm

Where: Winslow Centre Gym at 1100 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam

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