CEFM designation gives facilities professionals a career path for advancement

The Certified Educational Facility Manager (CEFM) designation is the new quality and competence standard for professionals responsible for the management, maintenance and operation of educational buildings.

The CEFM designation was created by the Educational Facilities Managers Association of British Columbia (EFMA BC) and the Alberta Educational Facilities Administrator Association (AEFFAA) with the intention of ensuring that members with this designation are properly skilled, trained, and experienced to work in BC's educational facilities.

Current EFMA BC members who are in good standing may apply for this designation. To apply for and maintain a CEFM designation, EFMA BC members are required to maintain current in their trade by engaging in specific training and professional development programs. The CEFM certification program also outlines identifiable career paths for facility professionals who are interested in receiving further training to advance their careers.

The designation is endorsed by the British Columbia Association of School Business Officials (BCASBO), an association of business professionals working within school districts, whose membership includes Managers of Human Resources amongst other senior management groups.More information about the program can be found on the EFMA BC website. Careers in facility maintenance and operation can be found under the "Management and Professional" job category on Makeafuture.ca.