$353 Million for New Schools

Premier Christy Clark has announced that the Province is starting a $353-milion school capital plan. This funding will go towards building more schools in a variety of school districts. So far, funding has been approved for six new elementary schools, a new middle school, two new secondary schools, four school additions, and six school sites.

This plan makes B.C's fastest growing school district, Surrey (SD 36), a priority. The district has been approved for two elementary schools, two secondary schools, and the purchasing of land that will allow for four future schools to be developed as growth increases. The district is also providing $23 million for these projects.

Additionally, Sooke School District (SD 62) will be receiving two new secondary schools, allowing for future growth and the replacement of the Belmont Secondary School. The sale of the Belmont site will provide roughly $30 million in funding for these developments. As developments begin, an estimated 1,850 jobs will be created across the province, building on 'Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan" released this September.

Over the past ten years, the Province has provided more than $1.8 billion to build 83 schools, 149 school additions, 26 renovations, and the purchasing of 22 sites. Furthermore, the government has committed over $3.9 billion to school capital and maintenance projects.