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Last Updated: 7/3/2022 8:04:11 PM EST

District Overview

We all share responsibility for creating a supportive environment in which students learn the skills, acquire the knowledge and develop the attitudes to successfully meet the challenges of a changing world.

Specialty Programs

We support professional development for all of our employees through such initiatives as the Professional Book Club and Leadership Forums. Almost all of our schools belong to the Network of Performance Based Schools.

Community Culture

Although our North Island communities are very diverse in make-up and heritage, we all support each other. The school community is very proud of its excellent programs, capable students, competent personnel, supportive communities and Aboriginal history and culture. Our small schools are well maintained and are the hub of their communities.

Vancouver Island North commuter trail

Regional Diversity

We are located at the northern end of Vancouver Island, where residents enjoy a moderate climate year-round, a vibrant lifestyle enriched by Aboriginal culture, affordable housing compared to other areas of BC and a multitude of recreational activities amidst ocean and mountain scenery. This is a place of unspoiled beauty: the water is clear, the air is fresh and nature abounds.

Draw for Employees

Staff are attracted to our rural area by the beauty and splendour of the region, the many outdoor activities, a calm lifestyle and low cost of living. We are a small school district where friendliness and district spirit are unmatched anywhere in BC. We are proud of the uniqueness of the communities we serve.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers typically receive a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • medical, dental, and extended health plans;
  • group life insurance benefits;
  • teachers’ pension;
  • extended health benefits for dependents of deceased employees;
  • accidental disability insurance;
  • salary indemnity plan benefit;
  • supplemental employment benefits on maternity leave;
  • employee and family assistance programs.


Teachers in positions with special responsibilities, e.g. department heads, teacher consultants, teacher coordinators, counsellors, psychologists, alternate school teachers, speech pathologists, may receive a financial allowance of $2,000-$4,000 annually.

Teachers working in remote and rural schools may also receive a recruitment allowance, and an annual retention allowance. Learn more about teacher salaries with the Salary Finder tool.

For specific details about Vancouver Island North’s compensation, salary, and benefits, please refer to their collective agreement.