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School Overview

St. Thomas More Collegiate (STMC) is a Catholic co-educational independent secondary school in Burnaby, British Columbia. For nearly six decades, STMC has offered young men and women in Metro Vancouver an extraordinary education in a welcoming school community.

Why Teach at St. Thomas More Collegiate?

Since 1960, when three Christian Brothers opened the school to 110 Knights, STMC has helped shape thousands of young minds and touched the lives of their families. Today, STMC is a leader in academics, athletics and fine arts. Repeatedly ranked by the Fraser Institute in the top 10% of secondary schools in BC, St. Thomas More Collegiate gives young people a strong academic foundation for success.

Consistently, 99% of STMC students graduate and over 85% pursue post-secondary studies. A St. Thomas More Collegiate education goes beyond academics. STMC offers students a second home, is an extension of family and develops a student’s character and faith. It is a place where young adults feel a sense of pride and teaches them how to participate in a thriving, active community.

STMC is a proud member of Edmund Rice Christian Brother’s North America and is affiliated with its international chapter.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our guiding principle is to prepare our students to be lifelong learners, responsible citizens, successful post-secondary students and productive faith-filled adults. We aim to encourage students to embrace the joys, challenges and rewards of a life of the mind and a life grounded in the gospels, and our vision is “for every Knight to make a positive contribution to the Earth and its people.” Our core values are living faith, excellence in all endeavours and a sense of family and community.

Our Unique Programs

STMC believes that five areas of education are the foundation of a well-rounded individual and a well-balanced life: faith, academics, athletics, arts and sciences. Our programs support this foundation. The Campus Ministry endeavours to enhance the spiritual life of our St. Thomas More Collegiate community by supporting and helping co-ordinate and create opportunities for spiritual growth in a variety of areas including prayer, masses, liturgies, retreats and various serving opportunities.

STMC’s thriving fine arts program includes over 460 students involved in either choir or band; the STMC band and choir have earned national recognition and honours. We encourage our students to take advantage of opportunities for enrichment in Physics challenges and Beamline research.

Our school is an athletic force, and our athletics program at the senior level includes cross-country, football, swimming, girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, boys’ field lacrosse, wrestling, curling, golf, tennis track and field, ultimate frisbee and girls’ soccer.

Community & School Culture

STMC is a hybrid of an Independent Catholic school and a true independent school. From its earliest years, STMC has held onto its rich Christian Brother traditions, which have permeated into the very fibre of our existence. In a recent Essential Elements Validation visit, it was noted that when you enter a school like ours, “there is something different about this place.” The sense of community is overwhelming and is something tangible – “it can be felt.”

The Community

Burnaby offers a perfect combination of urban and residential living. Our rapid transit system connects Burnaby residents to Vancouver’s downtown and the City of Surrey within 20 minutes. Surrounded by mountains, ocean, lakes and parks, Burnaby is a beautiful and livable city that enjoys a mild climate. Warmed by Pacific Ocean currents and protected by a range of mountains, Burnaby’s weather is mild year-round. From the low 20s Celsius in summer to a mild 0º to 5º Celsius in winter, the climate is always hospitable. Our winters are wet, but it rarely snows, except on our local ski hills.

The city is also the site of two post-secondary institutions: Simon Fraser University and the BC Institute of Technology.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Burnaby is a shopper’s paradise, and it has everything you need and then some. With a wide selection of shops, boutiques and services located in well-designed and convenient malls, locals and visitors alike can make a one-stop-shop or spend the entire day in this attractive and entertaining city.

From astounding live performances to local and international exhibits, Burnaby is a community rich in arts, culture and heritage. Those who take the time to visit the city’s many museums and cultural centres get to share in stories and perspectives that can’t be found anywhere else.

The city is also known for its great family-friendly parks. Central Park, a 90-hectare urban park, offers Burnaby residents excellent sports and recreation facilities, trails and picnic areas. The outdoors is literally at your doorstep in BC.

Burnaby offers an abundance of things to see and do

While Burnaby itself overflows with things to see and do, a visit to Burnaby is so much more than that—it’s your gateway to the entire Vancouver region’s attractions and hotspots. Whether the great outdoors call to you, or you want to see the sights of the big city, adventure awaits you at every corner of the lower mainland. Learn more on Tourism Burnaby’s website.

Draw for Employees

STMC practises a collaborative approach, and our teachers, support staff, vice-principals, principal, president and excluded staff make a difference in the lives of students. Our Board’s role is to advocate and provide support for its employees in their work: improving student learning and life chances for every student.

Application Requirements

Applicants must provide documentation of membership in good standing with BC’s Teacher Regulation Branch.

Salary and Benefits

A teacher at STMC receives fair remuneration and a comprehensive benefits package. A typical teaching load will require teaching six out of eight blocks in a Day 1/Day 2 rotation. Most teachers have a schedule that requires them to instruct three blocks out of four on a given day. The schedule is intentionally designed and set up to provide time for teachers to collaborate where possible.

Why you’ll love it here

Our school community is special. You will find:

  • an atmosphere permeated with gospel values, producing graduates who make a positive difference in the world,
  • a safe and disciplined environment that enables children to develop to their full academic potential,
  • diverse opportunities to promote a well-rounded education an environment where the pursuit of excellence is encouraged, expected and celebrated and
  • a welcoming community that values the involvement and participation of students and families.

Support for ongoing professional development

As part of the STMC family, staff members have opportunities for ongoing professional growth and development. We invest in people by helping them build professional capacity and maintain personal wellness. Some of the ways STMC supports its employees include:

  • Locally developed and delivered in-service and training,
  • Ongoing professional development initiatives and offerings,
  • Comprehensive information and resources,
  • Employee wellness programs (Faculty Fitness) and
  • A mentorship program for new teachers and teachers on call that matches new teachers with experienced teachers to enable mentorship and professional collaboration