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Last Updated: 5/23/2024 8:06:33 PM EST

Why Teach at Salt Spring Centre School?

Salt Spring Centre School is a small, independent school on beautiful Salt Spring Island. We are a K-7 school with small class sizes.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to offer a secure educational environment where a child’s inherent love of learning is celebrated. Our aim is to foster independent learners who are confident in meeting challenges, academically, emotionally and socially.

We believe that:

  • early schooling experiences shape our attitudes and confidence in life
  • education is largely an individual matter- that children should be recognized for their own capabilities and learning styles, and provided opportunities to further pursue interests
  • children should gain skills and develop their abilities without undue stress or competition, thereby encouraging self-confidence, independence, and responsibility for their own learning
  • an atmosphere of loving support, positive values and respect allows for the development of lifelong learners and confident individuals

Draw for Employees

Our teachers work in a supportive, low-stress and collaborative environment. We value teacher autonomy, and our approach to education is collaborative rather than top-down. We recognize that teachers are integral to the success of our school.
We encourage teachers to follow their passions, present innovative ideas and take part in professional development to grow as educators.

Why you’ll love it here

Our small school community values the needs and opinions of all stakeholders so that everyone feels important and are heard.

Community & School Culture

Salt Spring is a small island with a population of about 12,000 people. Our residents enjoy a rural, slower pace of life. We don’t even need traffic lights on our peaceful island! Come, relax, breathe and enjoy life.


School Community

We are a small team of five teachers with a supportive team environment and a school board who endeavours to work with us as part of our team. Our parents care about education and are supportive and helpful. Our students enjoy coming to school, and we build community together as teachers, parents and students.

Salt Spring Centre School is situated on 70 acres of woodland, and it is truly an outdoor classroom environment.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Our island has many art galleries, beautiful indoor and outdoor tennis and squash courts, pickleball, soccer leagues, and other essential amenities of a community. Not to mention excellent restaurants that value local food and a huge Saturday market.

Tennis, soccer, art instruction of all types, hiking trails and beautiful beaches await you at sunny Salt Spring Island.

Salary and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with work experience and the number of years worked at our school. We offer an employer-paid health plan and RRSP contribution.

Application Requirements

BC teacher certification and a commitment to outdoor education.