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Last Updated: 5/21/2024 2:09:31 PM EST

Regent Christian Online Academy (RCOA) offers online and blended learning opportunities based on a Biblical worldview. Now based in Victoria, RCOA was originally founded by the Regent Christian Academy Society, an extension of the ministry of Horizon Church in Surrey, BC. RCOA was established to meet the needs of home learning families.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At RCOA, we strive to grow together in grace and knowledge as we partner with families to provide home education based on a Christian worldview. Our blended learning model provides the opportunity for both at-home and on-site learning opportunities.
We are proud to produce RCOA graduates who are independent, confident, and actively contribute to their communities.

Why Teach at Regent Christian Online Academy?

At ROCA, we support our teachers’ personal and professional lives by prioritizing family life and promoting work-life balance. The virtual nature of our school affords our teachers the luxury of having no commute and being able to choose where to live. So whether you prefer an urban or remote community, mountain top or ocean retreat, it’s your choice as long as you have stable and well-connected internet!

Draw for Employees

Why you’ll love it here

Teachers who value a high degree of influence over their personal schedules and quality of life should apply. Those who enjoy working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders will find their work fulfilling. Teachers who strive to live out their faith through their career path will be blessed by the body of Christ in action at RCOA.

RCOA mentoring for new teachers

We offer our teachers supportive mentorship throughout the onboarding process as well as high-quality in-house professional development. In addition, we offer teachers a plethora of job opportunities in a variety of delivery formats. For those interested in leadership, we can also provide mentorship and training.

Community & School Culture

RCOA has virtual community locations that serve communities across British Columbia. In addition, we have eleven on-site locations communities, allowing teachers to work in a face-to-face on-site teaching environment close to home.

School Community

The RCOA community is a welcoming, supportive, faith-based community centred on excellence in education. We invest in creating a strong community culture where all voices are welcome. RCOA offers teachers the opportunity to put diverse teaching opportunities together, including a blend of on-site and virtual.

At RCOA, you are a part of a highly collaborative team where all voices are heard and valued. We prioritize relationships, and as such, we value learning together. As a member of our community, you will also have opportunities to explore new ideas and flourish creatively in an action-oriented environment.

Types of Opportunities

We have a variety of in-person and distance education teaching opportunities. RCOA’s teachers can build their portfolios and take on as much or little work as they like because we offer so many different opportunities! Our teaching opportunities include the following:

  • High School Online Courses, In-Person Classes, Livestream Classes and In-Person Activities
  • Elementary Home Program
  • Elementary In-person Partners in Education Classes – academic program (full subject coverage in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and ADST); classroom teacher assesses
  • Elementary In-person Community Classes – support program (support coverage in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, ADST, and Fine Arts); home program teacher assesses
  • Elementary Virtual Classes and Clubs
  • Learning Support and Special Education programs

Salary and Application Details

Salary and Benefits

Our teachers have the flexibility to customize their work portfolios according to their abilities and interests. As such, teachers’ salaries are based on the type of work and amount of work you choose, as well as your level of education and years of experience.

Teachers who work 0.6 FTE or higher are eligible for extended medical, dental, extended health and pension plan.


RCOA provides in-house and external training throughout the year. In addition, discounted programming fees are offered to teaching staff whose children attend RCOA.

Application Requirements

Potential candidates are asked to provide the following when applying:

  • Resume
  • Statement of Faith
  • Philosophy of education
  • References