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School Overview


First day of school at Meadowridge

Why teach at Meadowridge School?

People are drawn to Meadowridge school from around the world. In the spirit of active collaboration with teachers, peers, and our community, we learn how to care for ourselves and others. Knowing that change is the only certainty, we engage with challenging and complex questions effectively and creatively. Through outstanding teaching, programs, and facilities, Meadowridge School develops in us the confidence not only to meet the future but also to create it.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We formulated a vision that called upon our school to teach students how to care for themselves because a balanced and happy life is critical to their future. That has led to our focus on student well-being, including a teaching component on physical and emotional health, as well as a speaker series on numerous issues related to how students interact in the world.

This focus also led us to a strong outdoor and environmental program within our school. We wanted to prepare for a future where knowledge is unstable, so we adopted a curriculum based on inquiry – The International Baccalaureate (IB). This ensures that our students are among the most knowledgeable in the world, but also that they learn to embrace the complex questions that will shape their lives. They learn to think, and to communicate; to research, and to question; to collaborate, and to be independent. We are committed to experiential learning as a way to integrate the learning of the head, the heart, and the hands – so that children can learn to live well, with others and for others.

The Community


School Community

Our classrooms are located on a large campus with a 10-acre forest proximal to the classrooms. Our students experience the world by doing. Our physical spaces reflect the importance of movement, play and interaction with the outdoors. Doors from classrooms provide access to natural spaces, including a community garden, greenhouses, a trail network and soon, a campground. Our play spaces are vast and consider the developmental needs of children.

Our vision also calls upon us to develop teachers and facilities to meet the needs of students fully. As a result, we have spent over 13 million dollars in the past four years on improving our facilities, including an experiential ecology park, gardens, a regular greenhouse and an experimental greenhouse, a new Early Learning Center, a new Design space, covered outdoor areas, and a fully renovated main school, along with 11 more acres of land for future development.

From an ecological area to a library with over 47,000 resources, the Meadowridge campus provides opportunities, possibilities, and exploration for our students.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Maple Ridge is a stunning natural setting, which is why the city is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, with activities ranging from high-energy escapades to pleasant strolls in nature.

Maple Ridge has an abundance of equestrian trails that weave throughout the city. The Fraser River flows through Maple Ridge and is well-known for sturgeon and salmon fishing. The Maple Ridge Golf Course is one of the first courses built in the Fraser Valley and sits high above the mighty Fraser River.

You can casually bike along the 48 km of dykes that follow the Fraser River and Pitt River, or try a more challenging bike route in the rugged landscape in Golden Ears Provincial Park—an extensive network of parks and trails to meet the diverse recreational needs.

  • Meadowridge student in Robotics Club
  • Meadowridge School students learning outside
  • Meadowridge Students testing robots
  • Meadowridge school students in conference
  • A group of Meadowridge Students on a walk
  • First day of school at Meadowridge
  • Eastern view of Meadowridge school

Draw for Employees

Our vision has guided our school in developing leaders – people who pursue substantial questions, who are adaptable and thoughtful, who are balanced and reflective, and who can shape the future for themselves and their society. At Meadowridge School, our whole community is committed to lifelong learning. We support one of the largest professional development budgets and work with UBC in preparing new teachers because the only way to improve teaching and learning is to support the learning and inquiry of teachers in a professional community.

Salary and Benefits

On top of your salary, you receive an additional 5% fund that can put towards the premium of your benefits package. Also, you will receive an additional 4% on top of your salary which will be directed towards the group RRSP in your name.

Why you’ll love it here

We are an exemplary employer – providing a fun, engaging and supportive place to work! Meadowridge School offers a comprehensive total compensation package and the opportunity to work with an exceptional community of professionals.

When you are a staff member at Meadowridge School you are more than an employee; you are a partner in the growth and learning of our community.

Teacher professional development is our priority

We have supported the professional development of our teachers, and now have many teachers who give workshops to other teachers on behalf of the International Baccalaureate, many more teachers with Master’s degrees, and much in the way of inquiry into teaching and learning by our teachers, who are amongst the best in the world.

We place significant investment on teacher development and work with UBC in preparing new teachers. That is because we recognize that the only way to improve teaching and learning is to support the learning and inquiry of teachers in a professional community.

Application Requirements

A valid BC teaching certificate (or eligibility to obtain) is required documentation in your application.