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Last Updated: 10/18/2021 12:03:40 PM EST

School Overview

Langley Christian School (LCS) is a growing, inspiring and thriving Christian teaching and learning community partnered with other independent and public schools in British Columbia, one of the globally best-performing school systems.

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Why teach at Langley Christian?

We are located in the heart of one of Canada’s fastest-growing communities, offering choice-school programming focused on the integration of Christian values and the re-designed provincial curriculum. Our school strives to deliver high impact classroom instruction and purpose-driven programming for Pre-K to Grade 12 students with an emphasis on wellness, service, foundations in literacy and numeracy, skilled trades and technology, STEM and the creative arts.

Simon Sees a Northern Mountain Adventure Video

Our vision for teaching & learning

  • We intentionally build rapport and relationship with every student
  • We use scaffolded and differentiated practices that are inclusive of diverse learners
  • We have high standards and expectations of achievement for everyone
  • We communicate clear learning goals and criteria for success
  • We design quality assessments that inform our instruction and provide feedback for “what’s next?” to improve student learning
  • We use proven, effective, high impact instructional strategies and practices
  • We embed a framework of Christian big ideas, aboriginal perspectives and core competencies in our instruction: real work, real people, real needs
  • We use consistent routines and structures that support all students’ achievement, wellness and character and spiritual growth
  • We intentionally design learning spaces and experiences that encourage collaboration, creativity and innovation
  • Our curriculum choices are engaging, relevant, inspirational, and transformational
Simon Sees a Northern Mountain Adventure Video

Our Unique Programs

Our work is guided by our vision, values and four strategic priorities:

  1. Establishing a culture of grace, love and safety
  2. Executing with excellence in everything we do
  3. Expanding our community reach and impact
  4. Establishing sustainable practices

Our K-5 programming is focused on providing students with a firm foundation in Biblical narrative, literacy and numeracy, and core competencies such as thinking and social-emotional regulation skills.

Our 8-12 programming continues our focus on firm Biblical thinking and core competencies, supported by engaging and relevant electives in STEM, skilled trades, innovation & technology, creative arts, community service and personal wellness. We offer a range of quality extra-curricular opportunities in athletics, service and the arts.

The Community

Langley is a rapidly growing, ethnically and culturally diverse community with outstanding amenities and opportunities. Langley Christian enjoys a strong, collaborative relationship with community partners, neighbouring schools, as well as other independent schools throughout British Columbia.

School Community

Our school community is a place where you are known, welcomed and cared for. LCS is an instant community for staff, children and families that is like no other in our region. As an important member of the team, you will work in a collaborative organization with high standards. Our community includes nearly 1,200 students and over 160 staff on 3 campuses.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

LCS is close to trails, beautiful parks and recreational facilities, cultural opportunities, skiing and outdoor recreation. Langley is a short distance from the City of Vancouver and a short drive from vineyards, farms and the wilderness of the province’s interior communities in the Fraser Valley. At the same time, there are also many theatres, restaurants, and shopping malls to enjoy in the region.

Draw for Employees

We are a school of choice in one of North America’s most progressive and successful school systems. We are the only multi-denominational school in our vibrant and diverse community of Langley. We aim to establish ourselves as a model of community service, inclusivity and highly effective practices encouraged by an inspirational support team of faculty, parents, alumni and community partners.

Application Requirements

In addition to having a BC teaching certificate, LCS teachers are expected to participate in the life of a local community church.

Salary and Benefits

LCS faculty earn between $35,000-$120,000 commiserate to one’s position, education and experience. We also offer:

  • 8.1% CSI pension matching plan
  • regionally competitive salaries
  • full medical and dental benefits
  • on-going professional development opportunities

Why you’ll love it here

We are not looking for perfection; we are looking for passion and purpose. We support our staff in their personal and professional growth with competitive compensation, pension and benefits package, and exceptional professional growth opportunities.