Current Job Openings

Last Updated: 5/21/2024 2:09:31 PM EST

School Overview

The schools at Lake Babine include Morris Williams Elementary School, Fort Babine Elementary School, Woyenne Secondary School  and the Ted Williams Memorial Learning Centre.

Why Teach At Lake Babine Schools?

We are committed to:

  • Uphold and promote healthy and safe work with and around our children.
  • Learn, use, teach, uphold and support Nedut’en language and culture.
  • Work together to achieve the highest levels of learning for our children, every day.
  • Support each other and supervise our children at all times, in all places, by all staff.
  • Be joyful, respectful, encouraging and kind to each other, and to our children, at all times

Why You’ll Love It Here

You’ll have access to six professional development days per year, as well as other in-service and online learning supports. Instructional leadership are genuinely supportive and interested in mentoring.

School community

Working in a vibrant “campus”-style collection of classrooms, teachers are supported by small classes with a maximum of 15 students, as well as two educational assistants and personal assistants for specific students. Students benefit from daily Carrier language classes, a full breakfast and lunch program, and a physical education program through SpiritNorth programming. We offer complete core curriculum and instructional support, including Readwell, Corrective Reading, Nelson Literacy, Whole Language, iPads, Saxon math, Jump math and a growing list of supported online/distance resources for children who learn from home.

Our community

The Lake Babine Nation is near the town of Burns Lake in an area of BC known as the lakes district for its large numbers of lakes. Read more about the area’s traditions, lakes, land and tranquility on the Burns Lake website.

Salary and Benefits

Salaries are equivalent to those offered in School District 91, and paid over 12 months with a 2% increase after topping the grid. We offer a scaffolding pension with matched contributions, sick days to a maximum of 18 per year, paid Christmas and spring breaks, and opportunities for additional teaching and wage enhancement through summer programs.

Application Requirements

You must hold a valid teaching certificate, have completed a criminal record check, be a fluent English speaker and eligible to work in BC and Canada.