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Last Updated: 10/18/2021 12:03:40 PM EST

School Overview

The Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (the CISVA) operates 46 schools – 40 elementary and seven high schools. Our footprint extends over 250 kilometres, from Powell River in the west to Chilliwack in the east.

Why Teach at CISVA?

Together, our schools encompass:

  • +14,133 students
  • +1,512 teachers and education assistants
  • 46 schools
  • One purpose
  • One faith

The CISVA are vibrant communities of faith and we share in the mission of the Church to proclaim and build the Kingdom of God. As a faith community, we are committed to excellence in all areas that promote the development of the whole child to his or her full potential. We strive to develop Christian leaders, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


Our vision for our staff is that they will:

  • carry out their role in the mission to proclaim and build the kingdom of God
  • be committed to the development of the whole child
  • plan for and support appropriate, challenging learning experiences and positive learning environments for all students
  • be committed to build a Christian community and act with justice and integrity
  • be committed to continuous personal and professional development
  • treat others with respect
  • be committed to fostering education that promotes strong Catholic leaders
  • be accountable for their role within the system

Draw for Employees

We offer more than a place of work – we provide a call to your teaching vocation where you can work and live your faith in a supportive community.

We are a culturally diverse faith-based family

Many of our current teachers and principals are products of our school system – former graduates from the CISVA who continue to grow their spiritual and professional journey with us.

Teaching is a profession with opportunities to inspire and impact the lives of young people. Teaching in a Catholic school is a vocation that values the dignity of the human person and fosters opportunities for students to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

“If I want to be an authentic teacher and an authentic person, teaching in a Catholic school where I can help these kids grow spiritually is such an important part of that.” – Kelden Formosa, Teacher at Immaculate Conception Vancouver


We are a vibrant school system with many school and program expansion projects in the future. With our tagline, Come Grow With Us, we offer spiritual and professional growth opportunities including monthly professional development and retreats throughout the year.

As a teacher you will feel supported personally and professionally. We offer mentorship opportunities for new teachers to help them with their transition into the CISVA. We also promote further development in your spiritual and professional formation through the Foundations of the Catholic Faith coursework as well as offering of scholarships.

“I’ve grown so much as a teacher just in one year in a school that is really well run, a lot of mentorship opportunities, and a lot of really good leadership.” – Kelden Formosa, Teacher, Immaculate Conception Vancouver

Community & School Culture

“The CISVA is growing and that means people want to be here. The demographic is growing for the Lower Mainland and also for people wanting a Catholic education for their children.” – Deacon Henk Luyten, CISVA Superintendent


As a Catholic community, we are one family of faith where individuals are supported spiritually, personally and professionally.


The CISVA is committed to Catholic education founded on Gospel-centered values and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We serve to guide students in the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness within the Catholic intellectual tradition. We have a faith-based approach to our teaching in addition to educating and maximizing the full potential of the student.

“When we teach it’s not just about teaching a subject or grade level, it’s about teaching a child – a child of God.” – Sister Mary Martha Hetzler, Teacher at Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary


The CISVA spans the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley to provide the best of the sea-to-sky lifestyle with majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, lush greenery and serene nature. Nestled within these regions is Metro Vancouver, a bustling cosmopolitan city with a rich and diverse cultural flavour.

Our 46 schools cover a large geographic range from the suburbs to the inner city. Even if you appreciate the quieter, slower paces of suburban life, you are never too far from the city core should you need your fill of the downtown bustle. Travelling from the suburbs to downtown Vancouver is about a 40-minute commute and easily accessible via public transit.

“Teaching in Vancouver – it’s not only a wonderful place it truly is a great system of education where parents are closely involved in the education of their children, where parishes and wider church communities are very supportive of Catholic education.” – Archbishop Miller, Archbishop of Vancouver


For those who enjoy outdoor activities you have your choice of skiing or hiking on one of our many beautiful surrounding mountains or kayaking or sailing in our ocean – or tackle both activities and go from mountains to beach all in the same day.


With over 77 parishes in the Archdiocese of Vancouver you are never too far from a Catholic church and faith community.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers are paid according to qualifications and years of experience.


Teachers are paid according to qualifications and years of experience. The CISVA 2019/20 salary scale ranges from $45,371 to $86,205. Teachers are also eligible for the group benefits program, which provides medical, dental and other extended health benefits. We also offer a defined contribution group pension plan.


The CISVA allocates seven professional development days for schools each year. In addition, schools provide individual teachers with professional development opportunities in support of their individual professional growth plan.

Application Requirements

Teachers interested in making a career with CISVA should apply to the Superintendent’s Office. Please note that applications will be kept on file for two years only.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the following documents accompany your application:

***For the Catholic Pastoral Reference (for Catholic Applicants) and Non-Catholic Pastoral Reference you must download the appropriate form, provide it to your Pastor for signing, and have them submit it directly to