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Last Updated: 5/24/2024 6:02:04 AM EST

School Overview

The Catholic Independent Schools of the Diocese of Victoria (CISDV), often referred to as Island Catholic Schools, is a system rich in tradition and history dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. This dynamic community of schools has a strong reputation for academic excellence, instilling Catholic values and building community. At Island Catholic Schools we are committed to becoming guiding lights for a brighter future and to charting a new direction for Catholic education on Vancouver Island. CISDV operates five schools:

CISDV John Paul students


The Catholic Independent Schools of the Diocese of Victoria (CIDSV) are committed to Catholic education founded on Gospel-centred values and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We aim to be models of love and hope as we help to build a new future for our Diocesan community, local communities and the wider global community.

CISDV provides choice for Catholic and non-Catholic parents who would like their children educated in a faith-based environment. Our schools are known for academic excellence as well as the strong fine arts and athletic programs.

Each of the schools has a Learning Support Services Program that is able to address the needs of students with special needs. Most of our elementary schools offer Early Learning and Out of School Care Programs.

CISDV Queen of Angel's student

Draw for Employees

CISDV’s rich history, faith-based environment, positive educational reputation in the communities, and family-like environment make it a great choice for parents, students and staff.  Island Catholic Schools is a smaller school division where employees know and support each other.

CISDV provides professional and faith development: whole system, local school and individual. With a number of universities and colleges on the Island, teachers and support staff have easy access to post-graduate education.

Working in a faith-based environment allows people to grow in their faith and work with other like-minded people.  It is place where people can speak freely about God to their students as well as celebrate Christmas and Easter for what the reason they exist.

Living on the Vancouver Island is a big draw for any person loving the outdoors.


Vancouver Island’s beauty is a draw for all age groups. For those outdoor enthusiasts, there is the beauty of the ocean, the diverse plant and animal life, wonderful parks and camp grounds, great fishing, boating and kayaking, mild winters and hot/sunny summers, and the choice of urban or rural living.

Community and School Culture


Our schools are known for their close family like environments where everyone knows each other. Employees work together and strive to provide a culture where students feel loved, respected and safe. CISDV’s teachers and support staff find value in being able to share their faith, receiving support from their colleagues, and having a sense of belonging that comes from working in a smaller school system.

Buchart Gardens


The island is a great place to live. There is a natural way of life here on the island. Many come for the beauty of the area and the weather.  The Island is definitely more affordable than Vancouver if one is looking for a West Coast lifestyle.


The pace is slower here on the Island, but there’s no lack recreational activities and opportunities for residents. On the Island, you can enjoy outdoor activities, such as biking, boating, kayaking, fishing, camping, and hiking. There are also opportunities to enjoy the theatre, attend concerts and sporting events, etc.

People can access the same amenities as larger communities, such as hospitals, art galleries, sports complexes, theatres, IMAX theatre, etc. And of course one can enjoy what we’re known for, which includes: Butchart Gardens, castles, wineries, Royal BC Museum, and great seafood.

Salary and Benefits

Teacher compensation details and professional development opportunities with Island Catholic Schools.

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Detailed compensation information

Teachers’ 2022/23 salaries vary according to the category assigned.

For example:

  • TQS 4 Category – $50,540 – $73,340
  • TQS 5 Category – $54,191 – $80,977
  • TQS 5+ Category – $55,545 – $83,002
  • TQS Category 6 – $58,852 – $89,401

Employees are also provided with a comprehensive benefit plan (health/dental) and a pension plan.

CISDV St. Andrew's students


Besides system or school professional development, teachers have $625 available to them for individual professional development annually. In addition, some bursaries and scholarships are also available for further education.


Employees who work in the Catholic Independent Schools of the Diocese of Victoria, receive a significant reduction on their child’s tuition.

Application Requirements

We are seeking individuals that understand what it means to teach in a Catholic school. Although priority is given to hiring practising Catholics, we welcome applications from non-Catholics willing to support and grow in their understanding of teaching in a faith-based school.

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Detailed teacher job application information

Applicants must complete and/or submit:

  • resume and cover letter;
  • CISDV application form;
  • Employee Declaration Form;
  • copy of most recent teaching evaluation report;
  • copy of University transcripts;
  • copy of BC Teaching Certificate;
  • Pastor’s reference form (if Catholic);
  • Baptismal or RCIA Certificate (if Catholic);
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable).