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Last Updated: 5/29/2024 6:04:28 AM EST

Why Teach at Alcuin College?

Established in 2012, Alcuin College was founded upon the desire for a successful educational model that focuses on the long-term growth and development students. Our desire is for children to become true life-long learners, striving to be the best that they can be, inspired by teachers, parents and experts who themselves are scholars.

Smaller tutorial groups of students, under the personal and expert guidance of a master teacher, develop analytic and creative skills and are challenged to think critically, to reflect, to speak and to write with logic and concision.

The unique and fundamental relationship between student and teacher is central to successful learning. This is our project.

Draw for Employees

Alcuin is a small community. As such, every member has the potential to have a tremendous positive effect. Ideas are valued and considered. Strong relationships are fundamental.

Why you’ll love it here

No boring teachers! Teach in an environment that supports personalised learning, where students’ natural talents can flourish. Our class sizes are small, and teachers have the opportunity to know all members of the community. We work collaboratively across all grade levels. Founded by two educators that make teaching a priority for themselves, strong working relationships amongst students and staff are actively promoted.

Community & School Culture

School Community

Alcuin is a true learning community. Our open-concept environment promotes collaboration amongst students and between different subject areas. As we are small, we are agile and able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We actively seek out interesting learning experiences for our students and engage with the local community wherever possible.

We are close to the Seabus, which opens up learning opportunities across the Metro Vancouver region. There is a connectedness between the Alcuin teachers, students, and parents, and with the community that surrounds us.

Our Unique Programs

We specialise in providing an innovative, hands-on education based on the Liberal Arts (that is, the fundamental Arts, Mathematics and Sciences, together with the skill of philosophic dialogue). As an independent school on the North Shore, Alcuin attracts students who are coping in their current schools but are not necessarily thriving, or who are uninspired. We provide students with very small class sizes, personal attention and a challenging curriculum enriched by the resources and expertise available in our local community.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

North Vancouver boasts a small and vibrant community with easy access to the outdoors from trails to hike, mountains to ski, and beaches to explore. You can kayak in the morning, hike in the afternoon and ski at night. Also, residents can enjoy arts and cultural at the Polygon Gallery, Kay Meek Theatre or Centennial Theatre. Learn more about the community’s amenities on the City of North Vancouver website.

We are a short drive or scenic Seabus ride into Vancouver, and everything that it has to offer. The North Shore is connected by the Spirit Trail, which allows for safe bike riding and easy walking. There is something for everybody, whether it be a quiet stroll or an evening at a major concert or sporting event

Application Requirements

Teachers must have qualifications to receive certification from the BC Teacher Regulation Branch.  Please submit your resume and introductory letter or video to

Salary and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with certification and experience. We are guided by the pay scale offered by the local school district.

We support teachers’ professional development goals

Teachers set professional development goals and are supported in achieving them. Mentorship and collaboration amongst staff members are strongly encouraged, across all teaching specialisations. Scheduling requests are honoured for both full-time and part-time teachers.