Why Teach at Gobind Sarvar School?

Gobind Sarvar School (GSS) is a Group 1 independent school, which opened its doors in September 2016. Our school’s vision statement is “Today’s learner……Tomorrow’s Guide.” We believe in inspiring students to become authentic lifelong learners by providing a safe, nurturing environment focused on inquisitive thinking, self-exploration, and holistic growth.

GSS has classes from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Our programs include teaching Punjabi and Doctrines of Sikh Faith in addition to the BC curriculum.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our values include Integrity, Resilience, Unity, Self-awareness, Gratitude, Humility, Creativity and Respect. We believe that the entire human race is one, and there is no distinction based on racial or ethnic background.

Draw for Employees

Teachers are drawn to GSS’s smaller class sizes, which affords more opportunity for interaction among staff members, parents and the community. Our school’s facilities are first-rate and we are growing every year.

Why you’ll love it here

We focus on providing on-going support and professional development to our teachers.

Community & School Culture

GSS is located in a new building at the corner of 168 Street and 88th Avenue in Surrey, BC. Our school is easily accessible by residents in Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Aldergrove and Abbotsford. We also offer school bus service also in these areas.

Salary and Benefits

GSS students earn $43,000 annually and receive professional development six times annually.

Application Requirements

Teachers are required to possess a BC teaching certificate.

School Location