Teaching Abroad at SUIS

In pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership, Shanghai United International School (SUIS) has earned the reputation of a first-class educational institution in Shanghai, China. The school’s reputation and holistic approach to education, which focuses on academics, athletics and arts attract top middle-school students from across Shanghai.

SUIS’s Jiaoke campus runs a fully accredited British Columbia offshore school operating under the ownership of the Xiehe Education Group. The Jiaoke campus is located in the Min Hang District of Shanghai and anticipates 345 grade 9-12 enrolling students in the 2018-19 school year.

School Community

Shanghai United’s students are hard-working, dedicated and eager to learn. Students typically enter the program in the 9th or 10th grade from various Chinese middle schools. For several years, the success of the program has led to a 100% graduation rate and a 98% grade-to-grade transition rate. Many of our graduates attend top universities in North America and continue their education in Europe or Australia studying art, fashion design, culinary arts, etc.

Our students love their school not only for the academic support but also because of the opportunities we provide them to stretch their thinking and develop their talents in a personalized learning environment.

Lifestyle and Community Culture

Shanghai is a world-class city with excellent amenities, a top-tier healthcare system, and excellent climate. Getting around Shanghai is easy with its well-connected Metro system; taxis that can be found on every street corner. Getting around China and travelling internationally from Shanghai is convenient as well. There is are two major airports and a fast train system that connects travellers to major cities across China. Many of our teachers explore China and Southeast Asia during holiday periods. Check out these websites to learn more about recreational opportunities in Shanghai:

Draw for Employees

Teachers consistently say that they would stay at the Jiaoke campus forever if we could move the students and the school to British Columbia. Teachers come for a two-year contract and end up staying longer. Jiaoke is a great place to work and learn.

We offer ample opportunities for professional development to develop your expertise in your area of interest. Workshop facilitators are flown into Shanghai every school year for an annual professional development day. Our 300 international teachers receive training on various relevant educational themes and topics. The school also has a shared leadership model which encourages collaboration and the development of professional learning teams.

Salary and Benefits

Our teachers are compensated based on their qualifications and experience. A first-year teacher’s salary starts at RMB 19000 (CAD 3800.00) per month to RMB 31000 (CAD 6220.00) per month for a teacher at the top of our scale.

Teachers also receive an annual pay increment in addition to a housing allowance of RMB 8000 (CAD 1600.00) per month. The pay as mentioned above is over 12 months as is the housing allowance. SUIS also pays for teachers’ medical plans. The pay is in Chinese currency (RMB) and will be deposited to the teacher’s bank account in Shanghai. Transferring money to a Canadian account is very easy to do. Deposits will reach your Canadian bank within two business days.

How to Apply

Please email your application to Kasmar Angelski, BC Offshore School Representative, at kangelski@suis.com.cn. Please include your cover letter, a recent resume, a list of references, and digital copies of your BC teaching certificate as well as a copy of your university transcripts or diploma in your application package.

If you have not obtained your BC teaching certificate at the time of application, please ensure that you have initiated the application process with the BC Teacher Regulation Branch. After which, you will receive a file number that you can include in your application. Learn more about the BC teacher certification process.

Please note that we will also the guide you through the process of obtaining the proper work visa and Foreigner’s Work Permit. We’ll also pay for any costs associated with the application.

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