Overview: Teaching Abroad at Harbin Zhongshi - Canadian International School

Teach overseas at Harbin Zhongshi – Canadian International School, a BC-certified offshore school located in Harbin, China.

Harbin Zhongshi School is an independent school operated by the Heilongjiang Zhongshi Group. The school has operated since 1995 and currently enrols 2,000 students in the middle and high school grades.

In September of 2017, Harbin Zhongzhi School will welcome its first cohort of students into the BC offshore program. The BC program will operate in the facilities of the Canadian International School program which occupies the entire top floor of the teaching building. With recent renovations that included a newly built science lab, computer facilities, an auditorium, and outdoor/indoor playgrounds, teachers are well-equipped to run the BC program.

Teaching at Harbin Zhongshi — Canadian International School is a great opportunity for those who want to be part of building a school culture from the ground up. If you are looking for an adventure in a unique city, while honing your teaching skills, this is the perfect opportunity.

Community Culture

Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province. Harbin has a long and rich history with strong influences from Russian culture. One of the city’s main attractions is a former Russian Orthodox Church, Saint Sophia Cathedral, which is now the site of a popular museum. There are also several Russian restaurants in the city that authentic serve cabbage rolls and bowls of borscht soup.

As the capital of the province, there are lots of opportunities for entertainment. There are large shopping malls, movie theatres, fitness centres and public parks to enjoy.

While living in Harbin, you’ll notice that its climate is similar to that of Canada. Summers are comfortably warm and winters are cold. In the winter, you can go skating on the river, play hockey in the many ice rinks, or ski at nearby Yabuli ski resort. During the winter season, the city is a spectacle with streets and parks adorned with dazzling ice and snow sculptures and carvings.

Mandarin is spoken by the locals in Harbin, so don’t have to worry about interpreting more obscure regional dialects.

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Draw for Employees

If you’re a teacher or school principal keen on building and shaping the new BC-curriculum program, working at Harbin Zhongshi School is an amazing and unique opportunity. You’ll be able to create your own lessons, shape the school’s culture, grow the program and build upon the school’s respectable reputation in the offshore community.

Aside from the professional opportunities, living in the lively and extremely affordable city of Harbin is a great perk. Unlike Beijing or Shanghai, teachers residing in Harbin will be able to enjoy the best China while saving significant amounts of money.

Travel within and outside of the city is also convenient. There are public buses and metro lines connecting the various districts.  Teachers can use Harbin as a home base to make trips around China. Typically, teachers will make several trips per year to visit the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and Tibet. During the winter vacation period during Chinese New Year, most teachers spend a month on the beach or trekking through the jungles of tropical South East Asia.

Salary and Benefits

BC teachers working at Harbin Zhongshi – Canadian International School can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at minimal expense.  Harbin’s teachers typically earn between $50,000 – $90,000 CAD depending on the role, the candidate’s past experience and qualifications.

Teachers also receive:

  • a bonus at the end of each school year
  • professional development opportunities
  • health insurance
  • paid accommodation
  • return flights

Teachers are also provided off-campus apartments in the residential areas not far from the school, with easy access to universities, shopping malls, banks, gyms, and etc.

How to Apply

Teachers can apply by emailing Adrian Conradi, Offshore School Representative at adrian@inted-consulting.com with the following:

  • resume and cover letter- the contact information of two references who have supervised the applicant
  • a copy of a recent criminal record check
  • a copy of a passport photo/personal info page to verify
  • teacher regulation branch (TRB) certificate number

For more information about teaching abroad at Harbin Zhongshi – Canadian International School, call 250-571-5535.

Map of Harbin Zhongshi - Canadian International School


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