Overview: BC-Certified Offshore Schools in Bahrain

Teach abroad, travel in the Persian Gulf, and explore the Kingdom of Bahrain as an educator in a BC-certified offshore school. Opening in September 2019, Canadian School Bahrain located Diyar Al- Muharraq, is a not-for-profit, private international school offering the British Columbia curriculum. It is the first and only BC offshore school that operates in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Teaching in Bahrain offers a myriad of employment and professional benefits, social and cultural experiences as well as travel and adventure.

Culture of Bahrain

Bahrain has a an expat population of 45%. This is why you can find the island boasting different cuisines from America, Asia, Europe, and Arabian food of course, art galleries, culture centers, and a unique state of harmony binding all these cultures together.


Canadian School Bahrain is the only BC offshore school operator in the Persian Gulf. As a condition of operating a BC offshore program, schools must employ BC-certified teachers. Canadian teachers that are not BC-certified can easily obtain a BC teaching certificate. Educators are attracted to Bahrain for the cultural experience, collegial school work environment, and opportunities to live and work in an ultra-modern and lively city.

Map of Bahrain Schools