Find Rewarding Teaching Careers in BC First Nations Schools

Teaching Careers in BC First Nations Schools

Make a difference with First Nations students while working in naturally beautiful and culturally distinct learning environments across the province.   


There are more than 130 independent First Nations schools across British Columbia. Currently there are more than 150 education career opportunities on the Make a Future job board, making now the ideal time to find rewarding teaching careers in BC's First Nations schools.

Like every Nation, each school offers a unique experience that pairs rich cultural history and traditions with the same strong foundational academic programs in public schools across the province.    

First Nations schools vary greatly in size and location, with anywhere from 10 to 300 students. Some are located closer to larger population centres, while others are only accessible via floatplane.    


One of the biggest draws of working in a First Nations school is the amount of freedom and autonomy teachers have in making curriculum and program decisions.   

An important goal of teaching careers in BC's First Nations schools is ensuring students have their needs met academically and culturally while offering a nurturing environment to learn, grow and build confidence and pride in their heritage. 

Additionally, you'll have ample opportunity to learn and immerse yourself in First Nations culture wherever you are teaching while also having the chance to develop closer relationships with parents and Elders.   

Salaries and benefits are competitive with the public school system, and many professional development opportunities are offered each year.   

Teach in First Nations Schools in BC


Nearly every First Nations school is a member of the First Nations Schools Association (FNSA), a collective support organization which was created as a non-profit society in 1996.   

The FNSA has grouped First Nations schools into eight regions according to their geographical areas rather than rigid traditional boundaries and territories.    


With schools spread across each region of the province, you can choose the environment and lifestyle that fits your career goals.   

For example, if you're looking for rugged, sea-swept beauty and tight-knit communities dotting the landscape, the Haida/Tsimshian/Haisla/Nisga'a region on BC's north coast has 12 schools, all expressing the values, traditions and culture of the First Nations peoples in the region.   

If you prefer to stay closer to an urban centre, the Kootenay/Okanagan region features nine schools, each operated by a different Nation. It offers the beautiful weather of the Kootenays and the reasonable costs of living in southeastern BC.   

Those are merely two of your options. If you value working in peaceful communities that offer great collaboration and community, a First Nations school is a great career choice for you. 

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