Ready for Adventure? Apply for a teaching career in the Peace River South School District

Immerse yourself in one of northern BC's most beautiful regions while shaping young minds.

Nestled in the eastern reaches of British Columbia, Peace River South School District #59 boasts stunning natural beauty and added financial incentives for those who are hired for teaching careers. The area includes nearby airports and a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, which is currently being constructed and is set to open in January 2026.

Financial Benefits for Teachers Who Move

Peace River South School District is among those in the northern parts of the province offering reallocation allowance for teachers who come to work in the communities. 

The district benefits from being in a geographic area supported by the federal residency tax benefit. Peace River South offers travel benefit deductions for living in a prescribed north zone. Teachers can claim two trips out of the zone per year to $4,000.

Additionally, Peace River South teachers receive a retention allowance with their salaries. 

While up to $5,000 in financial support is available for teachers who move to the district, Peace River South is also an area of British Columbia where buying a home is still a reasonable option. 

"I am a single woman who raised a daughter here and did it on a teacher's salary, and I own my own home. My car is paid off," says Peace River South teacher Liz Pearce, who moved to the community from Ottawa. 

Affordable Living, Tight-Knit Community

"What I tell people about moving to a small town is that in a small town, you don't consume culture; you make the culture. What I like about a small town is that suddenly you have opportunities that you wouldn't have in a large centre," Dawson Creek Secondary teacher, Liz Pearce.

The district includes the communities of Chetwynd, Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge, offering public education from kindergarten to Grade 12 to approximately 3,600 students enrolled across 20 schools. 

The South Peace region is located within Treaty 8 Territory, a traditional gathering place and travelling route for the Cree, Dene, Dunne-Za and Métis.

Mentoring Support for New Teachers 

In this district, support isn't just a buzzword – it's a way of life. With mentoring programs, experienced educators help guide educators in their new teaching careers in Peace River South.

Colton Rand attests to this, highlighting the close-knit teaching community where no one gets left behind. 

"We rally together," Rand says. "We are supportive as much as possible."

The district is known for nurturing educators' aspirations and fostering teacher autonomy when teaching the BC education curriculum, reflecting the district's commitment to teaching autonomy. 

Endless Opportunities for Advancement

Teacher Orla Glen, who lived in Vancouver before moving to Chetwynd, was drawn in by the sense of community and warm welcome she found. 

"Being in a smaller district means the opportunity to make connections and get to know people hasreally helped professionally," Glen says. 

She also appreciates how eager the district is for educators who bring different strengths, skills and knowledge to the table, adding, "they are really keen to try new things here."

Being in a small community has helped her learn to slow down. As a result, her values have shifted, and she is more intentional about her choices. 

Teacher Wendy Pohl was born and raised in Peace River South and has loved watching her district grow and evolve during her 20 years as an educator. 

What she enjoys most about the area is the ample access to recreation on nearby mountains, from hiking to skiing. 

"Rural schools are for those who want an experience with smaller classrooms," she says, adding that the Peace River School District offers choices for educators, from Montessori to French Immersion.

Now is the time to join teachers who have found their home and purpose in Peace River South. Whether you're drawn to small communities, outdoor adventures, or innovative teaching methods, you'll find your place in this forward-thinking school district. If you're ready to make a difference, check out the opportunities below.


Counsellor/Teacher Chetwynd Secondary School

Teacher Tumbler Ridge Elementary School

Teacher Chetwynd Secondary School

Teacher Parkland Elementary School