Professionals without borders – Labour mobility agreement opens up career opportunities

As of April 1, 2009, your professional certification will automatically enable you to pursue your chosen career in all of Canada's provinces and territories. Ida Chong, BC Minister of Technology, Trade and Economic Development says that under the new Agreement on Internal Trade signed on December 5, professionals such as doctors, teachers and nurses will be able to move freely from one province to another.

In the past, if you wanted to move to a new province and practice your profession, you would have to apply to the professional regulatory body in the new province, and, in many cases, meet a whole new set of criteria. Depending on your profession, this often included having to undergo additional training or write exams.

The details are currently being worked out. However, it is likely that under the new system, you will still have to apply to the professional regulatory body in the new province for a certificate to show you are qualified to work in that profession. What's different is that you won't have to upgrade your training or write exams to obtain your certificate in the new province.

Check back for more information on how this agreement will apply to the many regulated professions within the education sector, including teachers, tradespeople, accountants, and other professions.

This represents an important step forward in ensuring full labour mobility within Canada – making it easier for professionals to move between provinces and pursue new opportunities.