Parlez-vous français? 3 tips about teaching French in British Columbia

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It's no secret that French teachers are in high demand in Canada and across British Columbia. A quick search on our job board will reveal dozens of full-time, part-time and on-call French immersion and Core French teaching positions available all around the province.

If you're a French teacher, why choose British Columbia? BC's a province where a French education is valued and where educators have the chance to apply for professional development bursaries, collaborate across the province and attend French-language conferences to build on their careers. Make a lasting impact on students while helping them learn Canada's official language!

1. Is there a French teaching certificate in BC?

In British Columbia, there is no official French teaching certificate as in other provinces. However, most BC educational employers require French immersion teachers to have native-like fluency in written and spoken French. Most employers prefer to hire teachers that have completed a practicum in a French teaching classroom or have work experience in a French immersion setting. Additionally, when applying for jobs, you may be required to complete a written language assessment and conduct the interview in French.

2. I'm not confident in my French-speaking abilities – can I brush up?

If you don't feel confident in your French-speaking abilities, but you're interested in brushing up on your linguistic skills, consider taking professional development courses. If you're a BC certified teacher, you have access to bursaries to attend courses, conferences and education programs to improve your French competencies. You will also have access to teacher exchange and mobility awards where you can refresh your French language abilities. Alternatively, you could move to a French-speaking community and immerse yourself in the culture.

3. Should I submit my resume in English or French?

Our team recommends submitting a resume in both languages. The hiring manager at the school district may not be able to read French so, an English copy would be prudent.

Nearly every school district and independent school is looking to hire more French teachers to join their learning communities, so you might find it hard to decide where to go! From Vancouver to Kelowna and all the way up North to Fort St. John, BC's recruiters want to meet you. Here are a few examples of the many French teacher job openings that are currently available in BC's schools:

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