How Ontario Teachers Can Obtain A British Columbia Teacher's Certificate

Applying online

Updated February 3, 2020

If you hold valid and unrestricted certification with the Ontario College of Teachers, you may apply to the BC Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) to obtain a Professional Certificate of Qualification that will permit you to teach in the K-12 public and independent school systems.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit the TRB's website and go to Types of B.C. Teaching Certificates web page to determine which type of certificate to apply for.
  2. After reading this page and you're ready to apply, go to the Apply for a B.C. Teaching Certificate to create a BCeID account to start your application.
  3. Check your email for your BCeID confirmation, and login with your BCeID. Once logged in you can complete an application form for the type of teacher certificate that you're applying for. Here's a list of documents that you will need. if you have completed your education from another country, you may need additional documents as outlined on the Documents Required for International Credits page. Please note that you can still start your application without all of your required documents.
  4. Once you upload all your documents, remember to log back into the Applicants Area to ensure that all your documents have been submitted. If you have been waiting for a long time for your certificate, you may be missing documents.

The evaluation of your qualifications to determine your eligibility for certification begins as soon as you have submitted all documents:

  • Application for Teacher's Certificate of Qualification (COQ)
  • Application fee ($245 if your degree in education is from a Canadian post-secondary institution or $395 if you obtained your education degree outside of Canada)
  • Consent to a Criminal Record Check
  • Statement(s) of Professional Standing
  • Verification of Employment
  • Assessment Form by employer
  • Official transcripts of all post-secondary studies
  • Two Confidential Character Reference forms
  • Identification documents

Unless there are outstanding items or questions resulting from your application, your application will be evaluated within one week. You can also check on the status of your application via the Applicants Area.

Labour Mobility in Canada

Under the BC Labour Mobility Act and Agreement on Internal Trade, Canadian certified teachers are recognised as qualified for teaching by all other provinces and territories without any additional training, experience, examination and assessments. There are just a few exceptions, including:

  • Language proficiency.
  • Evidence that you are a person of "good moral character" and are "otherwise fit and proper" to be issued a Professional Certificate of Qualification in BC.
    This evidence is provided through your completion of the application form, including a statutory declaration, and all supporting documentation (i.e., a criminal record check, a statement of professional standing from the Ontario College of Teachers and any other jurisdiction you may be/have been certified, the transcript showing your successful completion of a teacher education program, employment verification and assessment, and character references).
  • Continuation of any practice limitations, restrictions or conditions imposed on your certification in Ontario.

Annual Fees in BC

Once you are eligible for certification, you will be notified by email and directed to the Applicants' Area to pay your annual practice fee.  For the first year that you are a certified teacher, you pay a pro-rated fee based on when you become a certified teacher.

Certificates issued June 1 – November 30 $80
Certificates issued December 1 – March 31 $40
Certificates issued April 1 – May 31 $120*

* Includes $40 pro-rated fee for the remainder of the current school year plus the full $80 annual fee for the following school year.

Professional Certificates of Qualification are non-expiring and are valid as long as the annual fee is paid every year by May 31.  School boards and independent school authorities are required to deduct this annual fee from the pay of their employees.  If you are not employed by a school board or independent school authority, you must pay the annual fee to keep your certificate valid.