On-call Teacher Hiring at Vancouver School District

Continuing their on-going intake of on-call teachers, Vancouver School District (Vancouver School Board), has posted on-call job opportunities for educators with specializations in teaching French Immersion and Aboriginal education.  The district aims to recruit a pool of educators in both specializations to fill important roles in Vancouver's numerous elementary and secondary level French Immersion programs and Aboriginal Focus school.

In an effort to make applying for jobs easier for job seekers, Vancouver School District No. 39 will now be accepting online applications for on-call teaching positions through Makeafuture.ca.  For other positions that are not on-call, applicants will still have to apply by mail or drop-off their applications located at the board office at 1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

As with every job posted on Makeafuture.ca, please follow the application instructions noted in each individual job posting.

For questions about applying for jobs with any district, please contact us.