Make a Difference As An Education Assistant

A Career Supporting Children in the Classroom

Education assistants, also known as teachers' assistants, are important front-line support workers that are  in high demand in BC schools.  An education assistant's role is to help students succeed in the classroom.

They do this by working with teachers and school based teams to implement individualized education and care plans for students with learning challenges and special needs. Through a collective effort, and one-to-one educational and developmental support, education assistants support students with physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, and learning style differences.

Education assistants (EAs) who work with students with significant special needs, are commonly known as Special Education Assistants (SEA).  SEAs may work with students with severe behavioral and learning challenges, and chronic physical and health conditions. In some instances, SEAs may be required to administer medication or apply specialized treatment when working with students with chronic health and physical disability issues, and severe behavior disorders.

Some SEAs also have specialized training in American Sign-Language (ASL), Braille, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy, anger management, and conflict resolution techniques among other things.

If you're an individual who is naturally empathetic and patient, and possesses a strong desire to help students in an educational setting, a career as an education assistant could be your calling.


If you already have a high school diploma, all it takes to become an education assistant is the completion of a one-year education assistant program from an accredited post-secondary institution. Find a program in your community.

Current Opportunities

At this moment there are many opportunities available. The district with the most opportunities is Delta*. They are hiring education assistants for multiple schools.

The following school districts are advertising education assistant opportunities:

  1. Kootenay School District No. 08
  2. Central Okanagan School District No. 23 (Kelowna)
  3. Chilliwack School District No. 33
  4. Abbotsford School District No. 34
  5. Langley School District No. 35
  6. *Delta School District No. 37
  7. Richmond School District No. 38
  8. Vancouver School District No. 39
  9. Burnaby School District No. 41
  10. North Vancouver School District No. 44
  11. West Vancouver School District No. 45
  12. Qualicum School District No. 69

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