Hot Careers in Public Education: Are Your Skills in Demand?

BC's school districts are remarkably diverse.  Yet many are facing a common problem:  the pressing need for specialty teachers and support professionals.

Districts are frequently unable to fill positions for French Immersion teachers, school psychologists, speech-language pathologists and Montessori teachers.  And this means that districts sometimes need to limit enrolment in popular programs like French Immersion and Montessori or are unable to support students' needs for a psychologist or speech therapist.

School district 73 (Kamloops/Thompson), for example, has hired 700 new staff in the past five years and will likely hire 700 more in the years ahead.  Its biggest need?  Specialty teachers, such as those who teach French Immersion.

Many factors have contributed to the shortage of these professionals. The current demographic serving in these positions are baby boomers, who are retiring or plan to retire in the next few years.  Universities aren't training enough specialty teachers, school psychologists or speech-language pathologists to replenish the supply either.  Other jurisdictions and industry sectors are also hiring these sought-after professionals, putting even more pressure on BC's school districts.

With all school districts hiring for School psychologists, speech-language pathologists and French Immersion and Montessori-trained teachers, there is no shortage of opportunities for job seekers with these highly coveted skills.