Good Employment News for Educators

Doom and gloom stories about the economy are everywhere. But there's actually good news for those considering a career in education.

BC's public education sector is overwhelmingly made up of baby boomers – those between the ages of 45 and 60. While boomers make up just under 25% of BC's population as a whole, they account for nearly 50% of all teachers and 60% to 66% of all other employees in the sector.

This means that in addition to a lot of retirement parties over the next decade, there will be many opportunities for people to build their careers in public education.

Even with projected declines in student enrollment, districts will need to hire new staff to replace retiring teachers and other employees. And districts will continue to seek employees with specific talents and training for hard-to-fill positions.

"We created the Make a Future – Careers in Education website because we were very aware of the impact of changing demographics in the education sector," says Janet Stewart, Director.

"In the year that the site has been up, we've been able to help school districts find the best people for hundreds of positions and to help job seekers find positions that match their skills and interests."

The changing demographics of BC's education sector will have far-reaching impacts. The average age of teachers will decline and there will be a need for new school leaders to take the place of the many administrators and district personnel who will be retiring in the next ten to fifteen years. It all adds up to a good news story for those wanting to make their future in public education.