Discover Full-time Teaching Jobs and Secure, Affordable Housing in Coast Mountains

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Live in an amazing community and teach for a supportive public school district in Coast Mountains

Whether you're just starting your teaching journey or looking to put down roots and buy your own home, Coast Mountains School District has what you're looking for.

"Here in Northern BC, it was just amazing to me that right away in my fifth year of teaching, I was able to jump into my dream job. It's exactly the lifestyle we're looking for–the mountains are amazing; the view is gorgeous," says Jaquelynne Amendt, Secondary Teacher.

If you're a teacher in the early stages of your career looking for an opportunity with a dynamic and innovative school district in an affordable community, look no further than Coast Mountains. As a new teacher in the district, you'll find a supportive administrative team that is supportive of diverse learning strategies and approaches.

"Coast Mountains school district is an organization that works collaboratively, cooperatively with its employees and allows people the autonomy to think outside the box at all times, keeping students and their learning as the most important aspect of decision making" said Janet Meyer, former Superintendent of Schools.

Discover a natural lifestyle and more affordable housing options in Coast Mountains

If you're an outdoors person who enjoys hiking, fishing, hunting throughout the year and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, you can enjoy all of those activities in Coast Mountains.

Across our district, you can purchase a two-bedroom home or condo for less than BC's larger urban centres.

Enjoy teacher autonomy, a supportive administration, affordable housing, and financial incentives

At Coast Mountains School District, you'll find a supportive administrative team and monetary and educational support to help you make your ideas become a reality.

For all teachers moving to our district, we offer a moving bonus of up to $2,500. Beyond that, we also give an annual retention allowance of $2,673.00, which could cover the cost of one or two months' rent.

In Hazelton, Kitwanga and Stewart—the smaller communities in our district—we also provide a small-community living allowance, which ranges from $1,069 to $4,006 per year. This is on top of the annual retention allowance mentioned above, meaning that, as a new teacher, you could earn upwards of $6000.00 more per year than your colleagues down south.

The district is also considering providing a rent subsidy for the 2022-2023 school year for the new hires only. Please get in touch with HR for further details.

The district also offers district-owned housing at a subsidized rent in the community of Hazelton, Kitwanga and Stewart. These units are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Couple these bonuses with the reduced cost of living/housing, and you can easily see how Coast Mountain School District provides its teachers with a fantastic quality of life.

Now that you've got your bases covered, it's time to think about how you're going to spend your free time in our district. See Looking for Adventure in SD 82.

Want to learn more about opportunities at Coast Mountains?

For more information about living and teaching at Coast Mountains, please contact Kiran Bath, Director of HR ( or Jennifer Connor, HR Officer, Teachers & Exempt Staff (

Current job listings

  1. #188.1 – French Immersion Intermediate Classroom
  2. #187.1 – Primary Classroom
  3. #186.1 – Grade 7 Core and Other
  4. #185.1 – Resource & Library
  5. #184.2 – Metalwork 8-12, Automotive 8-12 & Other
  6. #184.1 – Career Life Ed 10 & Other
  7. Teachers Teaching on Call
  8. # 173.1 – PT (.958 FTE) Continuing – Elementary Prep – Fine Arts, Humanities 8-12, Physical Education 8-12 & Other Teacher
  9. # 172.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Temporary – English 9, Social Studies 10, Media Arts 9, Photography 10, Support Block & Other Teacher
  10. # 171.2 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – Metal 8-12, Automotive 8-12, Career Life Education 10 & Other Teacher
  11. # 171.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – Jr. & Sr. Humanities, Physical Education 8-12, Career Life Education 10 & Other Teacher
  12. # 170.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – French Immersion 10-12, CORE French 11-12 & Other Teacher
  13. # 169.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – French Immersion Intermediate Classroom Teacher
  14. # 168.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – Grade 7 CORE & Other Teacher, # 168.2 FT (1.00 FTE) Temporary – Grade 7 CORE & Other Teacher
  15. # 167.1 – PT (.500 FTE) Continuing – Resource Teacher
  16. # 166.2 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – Remedy / Contract Teacher Teaching On-Call
  17. # 166.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – District Psychologist
  18. # 165.1 – PT (.715 FTE) Temporary – Social Studies 10, English 10, School Completion 10-12, Distance Learning Support & Other Teacher
  19. # 164.1 – PT (.400 FTE) Continuing – First Nations Language & Culture Teacher, # 164.2 – PT (.400 FTE) Continuing – First Nations Language & Culture Teacher
  20. # 163.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – Jr. Humanities, Sr. English, Visual Arts 8-12, Photography 8-12 & Other Teacher
  21. # 162.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – Primary Classroom Teacher
  22. # 156.1 – FT (1.00 FTE) Continuing – French Immersion Intermediate Classroom Teacher
  23. 1.00 – Continuing – Speech Language Pathologist

Find your dream job and launch your career at Coast Mountains.