Exciting Destinations And What To Do As A New Teacher in Coast Mountains

Looking for Adventure in the Coast Mountains?

As the name implies, Coast Mountains School District is surrounded by some of BC's most gorgeous natural settings, stretching from the Seven Sisters Mountain Range near Hazelton in the east, through the ecologically rich Skeena Valley at Terrace, to Kitimat's Douglas Channel on the West Coast.

As a resident in Northern BC, there is no shortage of adventures to embrace your days off as an employee at School District 82. Among the activities highlighted in the Northwestern BC's Resident Attraction Guide, here are a few things you can't miss.

Marine Life

Kitimat's Marina offers easy access to the Douglas Channel, where you can explore West Coast marine life with whale-watching tours, guided fishing and scuba diving. At the Marina itself, watch the boats come in while sipping coffee, or take out/rent your own boat or kayak for the day.


There are 3 natural hot spring locations outside of Kitimat on the coast, including: Weewanie Hot Springs Provincial Park, Bishop Bay Hot Springs, and Shearwater Hot Springs. All three locations are rugged and natural, so forget the chlorine and pay pass and say hello to mother nature.


The Seven Sisters mountain range offers stunning vistas and great hiking for all experience levels. In and around Terrace, you can find over twenty different 4.5 to 5-star hiking trails taking you to old-growth forests, beaches, mountain vistas, lakes and waterfalls in the area. Wildlife in this area includes bald eagles, moose, deer, wolves, cougars, beavers, mountain goats, black bears, grizzly bears and more.


There is no shortage of mountain biking trails, including some challenging cross-country trails on Terrace Mountain while Copper Mountain in Thornhill has some excellent downhill and freeride trails. There are also trails on South Hirsch Creek Mountain near Kitimat and the Seven Sisters near Hazelton.


The Shames Mountain Ski Resort is a small ski hill, but it receives big snowfalls, and is a gateway for side country and backcountry skiing. Most people who visit are locals, so you don't have to share the hill with those pesky tourists.

Indigenous Heritage

You can't mention all of this gorgeous nature without acknowledging that the Coast Mountains School District 82 is located on the traditional territories of the Tsimshian Nation (Terrace area), the Gitxsan Nation (Hazelton area), the Haisla Nation (Kitimat area) and the Nisga'a Nation (Stewart).

These communities have been here for time immemorial, and there is so much vibrant history and culture to explore, including the 'Ksan Historical Village and Museum near Hazelton, and the Kitimat Museum and Archives. Within an hour-and-a-half drive from Terrace, you can also take a ferry to Haida Gwaii, also known as the edge of the world.

If this sounds like an adventure you're ready to take, check out the latest career opportunities at Coast Mountains School District 82. The district is now hiring to fill teaching, educational leadership and support staff roles.

What's more is that you can receive up to $6,000.00 in annual living allowances and summers off. Teachers in our district have the freedom and resources to have an exceptional quality of life and lots of adventure!

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